10 Ways to Spy on Snapchat Free and Online

10 Ways to Spy on Snapchat Free and Online
10 Ways to Spy on Snapchat Free and Online

10 Ways to Spy on Snapchat Free and Online – begin to hack by the FoneTracker app

In today’s technological advanced society there might not any be single soul left that hasn’t heard about the popular social media site Snapchat. This is really one of the most innovative social networks that are gaining popularity nowadays. The reason behind it is a new concept of sharing multimedia messages like video clip or photos with the people.

10 Ways to Spy on Snapchat Free and Online- begin to hack by the FoneTracker app
10 Ways to Spy on Snapchat Free and Online- begin to hack by the FoneTracker app

But at the same time, this app for the users has also increased the privacy risks, particularly for the kids. The children unintentionally share private information using Snapchat stories and making those vulnerable to both online bullying and cyber attacks. This is thus making parents become more worried about the kids. So, in this case, it becomes essential to undergo Snapchat spy by using free spying tools so they can keep full record of all the activities the children do and check it daily.

Part 1: How can you spy using FoneTracker App for free

Part 1: How can you spy using FoneTracker App for free
Part 1: How can you spy using FoneTracker App for free

Do you want to spy on someone’s Snapchat account of a person without letting him/ her get the hint of being spied? With the help of the FoneTracker app, a free tool for spying you can easily spy to anybody’s Snapchat account. This is best spying solution that one can use for monitoring the activities of a person on their device whether it’s iPhone or Android. It can easily do the monitoring of the Snapchat messages, videos, photos, call logs, texts and send and received snap of the person.

Furthermore, it can be used for spying on targeted text messages, browsing logs, application usage, WhatsApp messages etc. Apart from this, it is very much easier for one to use FoneTracker tool due to the clean interface of its.

In order to spy on the android device, you have to install the app on the device of the suspect. But you need not have to worry much about the individual finding tool and then uninstall the app. The tool icon won’t be visible at anywhere except to the application manager. Additionally, it will be using the lesser resource of battery, Ram etc. The Snapchat spy free tool can be used for spying iPhone as well without device jailbreaking. A hacker only needs ID and password of icloud of the suspect to spy on Snapchat.

Why do you need to choose this wizard for spying online on Snapchat

  • FoneTracker Snapchat hack tool spy free tool can be used for spying on iOS and Android device.
  • A hacker can easily view all call logs, text messages with full details about the contact time, duration and content of the message.
  • The one spying can see multimedia files like photos, videos, screenshot etc.
  • It can via remotely be used for spying on Snapchat account of a person using owns the device.
  • Spying on social media site like Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp will be easier.

Step to spy

  1. Signup- Visit the official site of the app and click on “TRY IT NOW” button for creating the user account. Enter the email address and password and then hit on “SIGN UP “button.
  2. Complete the Setup- Next you have to fill in the details of the suspect like name, age, OS of the device (iOS or Android).
  3. Set up-
    1. For Android Download the app and install on the suspect device. Open tool and sign with the user account. Allow permission of the tool when prompted and then hit on “START MONITORING” button.
    2. For iOS- Enter iCloud ID and password and then hit on verify and then wait for it to complete.
  4. Spying on Snapchat, photos, videos, and chats- Now you need to set up the device of the suspect, go to the dashboard of the wizard in your device web browser. Hit on “SOCIAL APPA” and hit on “Snapchat”. It will display all details of Snapchat on the targeted device.


  • Reading instant messages With this feature, a hacker can view all sent and received the message by the suspect on iMessages, Skype, Whatsapp etc.
  • Phone call recording One can record the phone call conversation as a hidden file. Just choose the number and automatically the call will be recorded.
  • 100% undetectable It is working in hidden mode and a suspected won’t be able to know that he/she is being spied.

Part 2: Other 9 app for spying

Part 2: Other 9 app for spying
Part 2: Other 9 app for spying


It is one of the best free spying tool and useful. Today it is used widely used tool that is offering many features and is ideal for spying for all types of data on the suspect device. It can track phone call logs, web history, messages, social sites like Snapchat, GPS location etc.

Pros- It offers many innovative features like data monitoring, call tracking, and browser history etc. It is easy to use and no technical skills and knowledge is required. The good customer support team is there to assist you.


This is another tool that takes the title of the best tool for Snapchat monitoring. This free tool can easily be used for calls, messages, multimedia files monitoring. With this, a hacker can come to know all messages sent and received.

Pros- It gives you the full report of the suspect device. For remote tracking, it can be easily used. It is compatible with iOS, Windows, and Android etc.


It can be freely used for spying Snapchat activities of children. It has got many fans because of effectiveness in iOS and android monitoring. One can be used it for monitoring various other social site activities.

Pros- It is efficient and effective in working. It can track both text messages and emails. It can track the current location of the suspect via GPS location tracking. Hiding Jailbreak information is easier.


it is another popular tool for Snapchat spying. Using it you can view Snapchat messages on the suspect phone. It isn’t limited to Snapchat, a hacker can spy on Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp etc. also it can be used for spying on call logs, photos, GPS location, web history etc.

Pros- It is easy to install on the various device like iOS, Android etc. It can track anybody through GPS location tracking. No jailbreaking or rooting is needed. It keeps all details safer and private.

Mobile Spy

It allows one in monitoring activities done on suspected person device. Hacker can view WhatsApp activities, facebook, incoming/outgoing calls and messages etc. One can access all information via remotely. It is a good choice for spying remotely on Snapchat and sends you all details.

Pros- A hacker can remotely hack on various social media. It provides GPS location of kids/spouse. It sends SMS commands for controlling targeted device.


Many spy tools allows on Snapchat spy but this one is letting ion to have commendable experience. This was made because of the demand of parents, spouse for monitoring the activities of kids on Snapchat and WhatsApp. It is created to help worried parent in protecting children from cybercrime/attacks.

Pros- It can be used for monitoring all call logs, web history, voice memos, and many more things. It is compatible with iOS and android. It is working effectively in hidden mode.


This is another free spy tool that is using the latest technology for monitoring Smartphone. Operating the app is very much easier for one of the easier user interface. A person spying can easily control the device using SMS command and block the activities that are inappropriate on the targeted device via remote location.

Pros- It is used for tracking all the data of the device. A user through SMS command can targeted device of the targeted person. It helps in blocking unwanted app and websites through remotely. It is 100% safer and secured.

Highster Mobile

It is another tool that is widely used that is allowing one in hacking the Snapchat account of kid. It is no doubt one of the best tools for spying the activities of individual on iOS and Android device. This app provides full access to any device that includes WhatsApp, Snapchat etc. A user can also make use of the camera of targeted person device from own device.

Pros- It is highly effectively spying tool that can be used conveniently. It allows one in tracking the device location. It is compatible with iOS and Android device. Controlling the device through remotely is 100% possible. It records calls and voice easily on the targeted device.


It is another spying tool that allows one in reading the Snapchat conversations and view all the snap stories. A parent can use the app for reading the text messages of kid’s device, tracking live location, call logs etc. A user can view all the emails, internet history, social site activities like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp etc.

Pros- It is easy to use and is having a clean interface. A hacker can access the media history of the device. It is allowing one in listening to calls on the targeted person device.


These are the top 10 popular apps that can be used for spying Snapchat. But if you are planning to use FoneTracker app, visit its site, create account being to spy free of costs and reveal all secrets and know activities of kids or spouse.



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