How to Track WhatsApp Messages of Others
How to Track WhatsApp Messages of Others
Review: How to Track WhatsApp Messages of Others
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Get the Way to Track someone’s WhatsApp Messages of Others

There are has been a lot of advancement taken place in the communication technology. Various new and amazing applications are introduced that allow users to communicate within the geographical area. One such application is WhatsApp, which allow users to communicate with another person, send messages, videos, and pictures using fewer internet data. With this messaging application, you can easily get in touch with the person who is in your contact list. Well, there is no doubt in saying that with its increased usage, new and different monitoring applications are introduced that can help you monitor your children WhatsApp messages.

Get the Way to Track someone's WhatsApp Messages of Others
Get the Way to Track someone’s WhatsApp Messages of Others

One such monitoring application is FoneTracker that lets you hack victim’s WhatsApp messages without them knowing. Well, if you are in need of more about this application, then continue reading this article.

What is FoneTracker for Tracking WhatsApp Messages of Others

It is monitoring and hacking application software that helps you to track the WhatsApp and other social media messages of a victim. It is a user-friendly and popular application that helps you to monitor your kids, supervising your employees and prevent thefts. This monitoring software works invisibly on any device whether its iOS or Android. It even helps you to track activities like call log history, calendar updates, GPS location, emails, text messages and much more. To use this monitoring application, you first have to download and install this application in victim’s phone. You can get this application from its official website that is

When the downloading and installation process is completed you can now create your account on this application so that you can log in to your account from your cell phone. This application consists of a control panel that collects all information about a victim’s phone and sends it to the user.

Features of FoneTracker

  1. Read instant messages– with this tracking application, you can read instant messages of someone’s WhatsApp account. You can even know the contact name and number to whom the victim was sending and receiving messages from.
  2. Checkout WhatsApp status– nowadays, WhatsApp has introduced a new feature through which you can select the contacts that you wish to show your status and whom you can hide so that they cannot see your status. But, with the help of this tracking application, you can see their WhatsApp status easily.
  3. Check multimedia files– if the victim is sending his/her photos and you want to know which all photos and documents were sent then FoneTracker can help you. It easily helps you to check the multimedia files that are sent and received by the victim on his/her phone.
  4. Check the WhatsApp location– when you want to know the WhatsApp location of the victim and from where the messages and photos are sent, then this monitoring application can help you a lot. You can easily check the current location of the victim without them knowing.

So, now you can easily start tracking someone’s WhatsApp messages within a few minutes. The only thing that you have to do is download this application on victim’s phone and start tracking their WhatsApp messages now!


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