How to track text messages on another phone

How to track text messages on another phone
How to track text messages on another phone

Learn way to track the text messages on another phone

Have you ever noticed that the people had begun stopping giving much importance to the telephonic conversation and they have started preferring text messaging? Text messaging has overtaken the phone calls as well as emails. If you really want to find out the secrets that are held by the people in the chat then you must look into the text messaging that they had undergone. In this article, I will tell you about the best text messages tracking way that will surely help you in fulfilling all the needs of the messages tracking from another phone. Please read the article and discover all about how you can track the text messages easily without letting the target know.

Learn way to track the text messages on another phone
Learn way to track the text messages on another phone

Why is text messaging given so importance nowadays

Today millions of people are communicating with another person using the text messaging medium rather than phone calls. Text messaging as a way of communication is increasing throughout the globe and there are many reasons for why this overtaken other ways of communications.

  • A person can be direct completely than the phone calls and in today’s busy schedule time people don’t like sparing time on phone callings.
  • Text messaging allows you to be multitasking. You can be tweeting, reading news, texting with many, listening to the song.
  • Text messages are less prone to bringing up the awkward silence. When messages are conveyed you can simply stop texting rather than simply wasting the time doing Ahhhhs or Ummmms.
  • Through text messaging you will get few seconds for formulating the respond rather than being blurting out whatever is coming to your mind.
  • If something important has to be conveyed to the friend then you can tell it through text easily without much hassle.

How to track the text messages

You had got familiar with the reason why text messaging is given greater importance by all the people. Now we are going to disclose the best way of tracking the text messages and steps that you need to follow for doing this task. Yes, track the messages that are exchanged in between two of them can be done by using the best tracking tool. No doubt the best cell phone tracking tool will be a lot helpful to you in doing the complete tracking of messages and other cellular actions.  The best tracker that we have found is FoneTracker.

FoneTracker is really the best known and a reliable application with the help of which you can easily tap into one’s device even without letting him or her know. There are many other monitoring tools for monitoring iphone and android OS available but the right one available is FoneTracker only. It has proved to be a lot trustworthy tracking tool and provides you full access to everything that takes places in the target phone apart from text messaging.

To use the app you must at first visit to the original website of the application. You can take the help of the mentioned URL address ( This will help you to reach to the original page and from there you can get the app downloaded and installed.  You need to do the registration of yourself for creating the user account. To develop your user account you must use valid email ID and password. It is a must for you to develop the user account so that every activity details can be collected from there.

Download FoneTracker App

During the time of the downloading and installation process, you must enable the unknown source options from the setting of both your and target phone. Once the app is installed in the target device hide the app icon to stay hidden. To view all the details of the activities of the target phone you must get into the user account and from there to the control panel and then monitor all the information of the text messages and other cell phone actions.

Watch text messages When you are linked to the app online control panel you will be offered the facility to view the text messages content. As soon as the message is sent or received you will be notified about it.

Text logs- All the details of the text messages like date, time, location, sender/receiver details will be known to you. Even the details of the deleted messages will be shared with you on the online dashboard.


No doubt using the FoneTracker is the best and effective way of tracking the text messages completely without letting your target gets the sign of it. Through this app, you will be stayed hidden and easily do cell phone tracking for a longer time.



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