How Do I Track My Son's iPhone Without Him Knowing
How Do I Track My Son's iPhone Without Him Knowing
Review: How Do I Track My Son's iPhone Without Him Knowing
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Track My Son’s iPhone Without Him Knowing using FoneTracker

Today, we have more advanced and better technology that can be used for several purposes and to make impossible things possible. But, it has some merits and demerits that an individual cannot predict until and unless he or she does not face it. Nowadays, the trend of iPhone is high, people especially the youngsters are using it show off or keep it to show to their social status and this has become a major thing for parents to worry.

Track My Son's iPhone Without Him Knowing using FoneTracker
Track My Son’s iPhone Without Him Knowing using FoneTracker

Are you a parent of a teenage boy? Is your son constantly uses his iPhone and is not focusing on his studies as it his 12th class? If it is, then this is quite worrying for you when you know that your son is weak in studies and still he is using his phone to chat, play games and a lot more. Being a working parent it is not easy to keep eye on their activities. Most of us blame the technology for making such devices that keep your kids busy watching movies, chatting and playing games. But, on one hand, where you are blaming technology for making such devices, you will thank it for making applications like FoneTracker.

What is FoneTracker and why use it

Well, this is another innovative innovation made by the technology that helps parents to track their son’s iPhone without him knowing. This application is not only used by parents but by spouses and employers as well. There are several amazing features that help parents to get every bit of details about their son that he performs on his iPhone. The application is 100% undetectable and easy to use. Engaging with this application, you can easily get all the details like messages, call logs whether incoming or outgoing, access to all social media sites and more.

The application even offers 48 hours of the trial package that helps you know its features and benefits. You can purchase this application subscription package as per your budget.

Features of FoneTracker

Read instant messages– today everyone is making use of WhatsApp, Facebook and hangouts for chatting, sending pictures, images and multimedia files. If your son is using instant messaging applications to chat with friends then start tracking his social media applications using this spy app.
Phone call recording– if you are unable to listen what your son is talking on his iPhone you can get this feature in use. It helps you to record the calls which you can listen in the free time.
Ambient listening– if you call your son and he is lying to you that he is inside the coaching but actually he is somewhere else .Then you can listen to the surrounding noise which will help you know where your son is at present.
Track GPS location when your son is out and you want to know where he is then get the GPS location tracker in use. This will help you track the past as well as the real-time location of your son.
Track Text messages– most teenagers use text messaging service for chatting. If your son is also doing so then get all the text messages and SMS tracked using this application.
So, when you are aware of the features of this application then let’s know how to use this application to track my son’s iPhone without him knowing.

How to use FoneTracker

Step 1- download it- the first thing you have to do is visit the official website of this application from the given link . Now download the application on the target device. Once the application is downloaded, you can start the installation process which merely takes a few minutes for the app to get downloaded and installed.
Step 2- create an account- when the application is downloaded and installed you can register yourself to this app using valid email id and password. Now, you log in to your account and open the application.
Step 3- start monitoring- when you have logged in to your account you have to follow the same process to get this application working in your device. Now you can see all the information and activities notification on your device.

Once all the three steps are completed, you can view the call details, read messages, access to social media sites. Also you can view pictures and videos, track the location and crack password using keylogger. The application will give every minute detail of your son without him knowing. Hence, don’t have to check his iPhone every time or ask him where he is and with whom. For more information, visit the above-mentioned link.


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