Can I Track My Wife’s Phone Without Her Knowing

Can I Track My Wife's Phone Without Her Knowing

How to Track My Wife’s Phone Without knowing her

Can I hack my wife’s phone? If the same question is going on in your mind and wants to know how you can hack your wife’s phone. So you are exactly in the right place. In this article, you will read how you can track her mobile phone very easily without knowing her. Here you will read about the excellent app and how can you use this app too.

How to Track My Wife's Phone Without knowing her
How to Track My Wife’s Phone Without knowing her

But the first thing is why you are willing to hack your wife’s phone? If your wife is doing the job and you are worried about him so you can hack their phone.  Know where your wife is now and if your wife stuck in any trouble so you can find him the location and reach quickly and save him. Or if you have doubt on your wife so you should need to clear that doubt. Many relationships break due to doubt. If she uses her phone most of time and ignores you, she might be talking to someone else when you are outside from home. And if she use social media apps and hiding every post and timeline to you and keep away her cell phone to you, spy her phone. So these were so many reasons to hack your wife phone.

You just read the reason behind a hacking phone. But the next question, how you can do that. So you don’t need to worry because in this article you will read the downloading process of the app and the features of the app. The tracking of someone’s phone is become easy because of some apps. On the internet many spying apps available but here you will read about the FoneTracker app. If you are thinking why you should choose this app so read the full article and clears your all confusion.

FoneTracker app

FoneTracker app
FoneTracker app

FoneTracker is a tracking and hacking app, with the help of this app you can easily monitor all activity about your wife’s phone. The FoneTracker app offers many features with the help of this feature you can track messages, calls, files, hidden things, password and so on. You can get the internal and hidden information of your wife’s phone and your wife never knew that you track her phone. Here you will read the downloading process, just follow some steps.

Step 1

For downloading the FoneTracker app, you will need to have your wife’s phone in your hand and then go to the setting and start the unknown sources. After that visit the official site of the FoneTracker app which is and then downloads this app from here.

Step 2

After downloading this app, install an app on your target device. Make an account by using your email id and make a new password and then click on the login button. After logging into the account, you will see the page where you need to do the registration. For registration, you need to fill some information and click on the start button.

Step 3

After completing all the processes, hide this app by starting the hidden mode. Log in to the same FoneTracker account on your phone. Then you will see the online control panel where you get all the information about your wife’s phone. Once you log in the account you can see the location, read messages and many other activities that are done by your wife on her phone.

During the use FoneTracker app, you will get the following information

  • Track WhatsApp: the spy WhatsApp is a feature of FoneTracker; through this feature, you can read the messages. Also you can see the WhatsApp calling like video and audio both type of call. If your wife deletes all messages but you don’t need to worry as this feature record all messages so you can still read messages.
  • Social media spy: with the help of this feature you can see all the activity of your wife on social media. If she hides her timeline and post to you but you can still see her post, like photos, timeline, etc. Apart from that you can read the social media messages too.
  • Call tracking: when you spy her mobile you will be able to see all call detail like incoming, outgoing call, call duration, call time, etc. With the help of call spy you can listen to live conversation too. However, you can also listen to the last call because this feature record all calls and send it on your control panel.


This article helps you a lot if you want to track your wife’s phone. You can also track your family member, friend and someone else.



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