How to Track an iPhone Without iCloud
How to Track an iPhone Without iCloud
Review: How to Track an iPhone Without iCloud
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How can you Track an iPhone without iCloud? Few good ways to know

Your iPhone will surely be the important parts of your life with which you have spend most of the time personalizing. Like the other users of iPhone, your device will obviously be part of your personality and image. Who knows what type of multimedia files is stored in your device. Using the iPhone is fine unless it is fallen or stolen.

How can you Track an iPhone without iCloud? Few good ways to know
How can you Track an iPhone without iCloud? Few good ways to know

If you are the one among those who have faced the experience of the stress of losing iPhone, then by the time you must know that using iCloud you can easily find the device. Unfortunately, you are the unluckiest person and are not having any device to access the iCloud, and then you must know to track the device without iCloud.

Tracking iPhone without the iCloud using FoneTracker app

Tracking iPhone without the iCloud using FoneTracker app
Tracking iPhone without the iCloud using FoneTracker app

If you like many other people and is much worried about children, spouse and family safety, then you would like to hack upon the device. You would like to ensure that they live in the peaceful and healthier surrounding. If in case you have noticed something wrong going on with the behavior, you might not simply avoid monitoring those. For tracking purpose, you might find the app and the FoneTracker App is one of the best that can be used for monitoring data of iPhone. With the help of this tracking tool, you can keep full track of call logs, internet history, text messages, social site activity etc. This can also be possible without iCloud.

No doubt this FoneTracker app is supporting the latest version of iOS devices. It includes iPhone X/8plus etc. Without wasting time simply thinking to get to the tracking app site and install it to begin monitoring iPhone activities.

Easy to follow steps on tracking iOS data without iCloud

  • Enter into the Home site using link ( to the wizard.
  • Now SIGN UP for creating user account.
  • Now fill in all the details of the target device user like name, age, and operating system.
  • Fill in the iCloud ID and password on the iOS device of suspect.
  • Now you have to VERIFY those.
  • Signing into the FoneTracker app account through the dashboard and then hit on message or whatever you wish to see over the suspect device.

For whom is the tracking tool available

  • Concerned parents- The parent that really are concerned about the online activities of the kids and want with whom they are talking all time can use. Through hacking, they will easily come to know all activities going on in their life and can kids from big disaster.
  • Hardworking employers- The owner of a business organization can hack upon their employees to see what activities are going on in office. Also, they can come to know whether a faulty employee is sharing secret information or not with competitors.
  • Loving spouse- If in case a spouse has noticed something unexpected and is having doubt that something wrong is going on, they can track spouse.

Why to use the app

  • A hacker can view all the text messages that are sent and received from IM apps.
  • Through this one can check the entire browsing history and bookmarks over the device.
  • The app gives full report of call activity along with complete details.
  • Viewing all the available multimedia files is a lot easier.
  • It guarantees 100% accurate results.
  • It is less cost effective.
  • A user can spy digitally on any device in hidden mode and via remotely.
  • It easily functions on all devices (iOS, Android).
  • The process of downloading and installing is a lot easier without any troubles.

Services offered by the app

GPS location tracking
A user using the tracking tool can easily see the location of the device over the map. Also, he will get the GPS location immediately through the control panel of the user account.
Calls managing
The one using the app can make the view of all the calls history along with details. It is including time, date, name, and duration and deleted one as well.
Viewing all Internet activities
The hacking can view the website visited history. If hacker found a site to be irrelevant, blocking can be done easily without any hassle. Furthermore, the downloaded content can also be seen that suspected has downloaded.
View multimedia files
Viewing multimedia files like photos, videos, screenshots, GIF etc is possible.
Reading contacts
One can read out contacts available with all details and even the deleted contacts are also possible from tracking app.


This is all about how tracking can be done on the iOS platform without using iCloud. Get the app now and begin to spy on whomever you would like to do.


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