How to Track an iPhone Without an App
How to Track an iPhone Without an App
Review: How to Track an iPhone Without an App
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Get 2 Ways to Track an iPhone Without an App

How to track someone’s iPhone without getting any app, this is one among those question people often ask for IOS devices. Indeed, tracking someone’s cell phone was never possible earlier but now you can do it easily without jailbreaking. You might be thinking how it is possible to track a cell phone without using an app but it is true. You just require a browser that may be Google Chrome or Mozilla FireFox and as usual your Apple ID information. iPhone makes use of iCloud services that are not only utilized for spying purpose but also used to protect near and dear ones in case of danger or theft.

Get 2 Ways to Track an iPhone Without an App
Get 2 Ways to Track an iPhone Without an App

Given below is a detailed step by step process that allows you to know how to track iPhone without the app. So, go through it carefully and apply the steps so as to spy anonymously. Benefits are also incorporated along with the method.

Part 1: How you can effectively track iPhone without any app

Part 1: How you can effectively track iPhone without any app
Part 1: How you can effectively track iPhone without any app

Step 1: Login to your iCloud account
iCloud does things incredibly that are impossible using an app. It is considered one of the most reliable and easy to use means when it comes to tracking iPhone. Using any of the browsers like Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, you can easily access iCloud via You now have to fulfill the requirement of log in such as filling iCloud password and Apple ID name.
Step 2: Now Find My iPhone is into play
After you have successfully entered your iCloud login details, you will be taken up to a control panel or dashboard. You now have to hit “Find My iPhone” button and let the interface be in process.
Step 3: Select stolen or phone that needs to be tracked
A dialog will appear that ask about the iPhone that needs to be tracked after you have select the iPhone that should be spied using the “all device” option. You now should get ahead with a missing or stolen device.
Step 4: Now track the iPhone
As soon as all the steps above get fulfilled, you can track the lost or desired iPhone activities on the dashboard. You got an automatic kick off by the user-friendly interface. The Google map shows up current or specific iPhone location, thus making the task of locating the device easier. A signal or message will be sent to the respective device. Cases such as misplaced, lost or stolen devices seem to be the best fit as they can be traced easily using this method.

More Find My iPhone at:

Part 2: Track iPhone data remotely

Part 2: Track iPhone data remotely
Part 2: Track iPhone data remotely

If you wish to track your iPhone data or someone’s iPhone data, then you can use this method. You can store tons of data using this option. You are not left with any other option when the suspect that needs to be spied is near, because of it the best of all. You can even use spying tool termed as FoneTracker app. This intelligent and highly developed software is capable of tracking any of the iPhone remotely.

Moreover, the activities performed by your kid, spouse or employee are tracked immediately. Indeed it is one of the good choices compared to any other spying tool. Employers can also make use of the FoneTracker app. Concerned parents need to keep eye on their kid so as to keep the peace of mind and live a healthy life with their kids. That’s why sometimes parents are also recommended to make use of FoneTracker for sake of kids. It works awesomely on devices such as iPhone 8/ 8 plus/ 6s/ 7/ 7 plus/ iPhone X and iPads, as well as iTouch.

It can be used to track data such as

WhatsApp monitoring– this WhatsApp monitoring feature allows you to track social apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and snapchat. You won’t get any information behind your back, so make use of it and get all the conversations directly in your hand.
Get the support of 24 hours- the FoneTracker offers a technical support to the users via live chats and emails services.
Multimedia data– FoneTracker allows you to download and view all the movies, videos, and photos available on the target cell phone.
Calls and contacts– this feature allows you to check and listen all the outgoing and incoming calls from the suspect device. You are free to store it for future use.
100% secure- the FoneTracker app is 100% secure and it can be detected by the suspect due to the fact that it got hide at the background

Now you can have the FoneTracker app from the link


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