How to Track an iPhone When It is Off
How to Track an iPhone When It is Off
Review: How to Track an iPhone When It is Off
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How one can follow an iPhone when it is off

Do you know which is the most devastating and lethargic thing in this present era? It is finding one’s lost or stolen iPhone that has been switched off by the stranger who has stolen it. Surely, the thief has switched off the iPhone after stealing it. However, there could be one more reason of turned off iPhone and that is the battery gone dead.

How one can follow an iPhone when it is off
How one can follow an iPhone when it is off

People find it a disheartening experience because their data is going to be accessed by someone else. If you are into such situation or your near or dear one is experiencing the same, then you can use the best option that demands to locate the device in a short time. Now you can easily find your lost or stolen iPhone even it is off. iPhone provides an option that helps you in locating your device in few spans.

How to spy lost or stolen iPhone when it is switched off

Given below is a guide that permits you to get the lost iPhone

Step 1- “Find my iPhone” usage
You can make use of any other device so as to land on the official link of “find my iPhone”. On the phone screen, “send last location” choice is given below. You need to turn it in switched on mode. This way location of lost or stolen iPhone can be traced easily.
Step 2- select your device
You will view a list of devices available nearby after you have opened “Find my iPhone” application. You can select the device you wish to track
Step 3- track lost iPhone location using the locator

You will be able to locate the last location of the iPhone and figure it out easily as it is marked with a grey circle. Once the device is turned on, a green mark can be seen on the specified location. You can click both of the circles and get information about the location.

Learn more Find My iPhone at:

Is there any other way

Yes, you can track your lost or stolen iPhone data using spying tool termed as FoneTracker. This application is designed for all class of people who own an iPhone. The software offered to the user is reliable and easy to use when it comes to spy data in real time. Existing user consider it a good choice due to the outstanding features it offers to their users. You will be able to supervise your children’s lost device and save data. Some of the common things you can do are monitoring browser history, calls, WhatsApp, and other applications too.

Why it is recommended

It is due to

  • No jailbreaking- you can install the app from here and spy without any jailbreaking
  • Checking of multimedia data- movies, photos, and music can be downloaded
  • Tracking events and notes- you can have access over reminders, circulated memos, and other activities too
  • Tracking calls and text messages– you can view text messages and record it for later use
  • The offering of 24 hours support- you will get a customer service of 24 hours

You can get your stolen or lost iPhone using these two methods easily.