How to Track Internet History on Cell Phone

How to Track Internet History on Cell Phone
How to Track Internet History on Cell Phone

Learn Way To Track Internet History On Cell Phone

The biggest question is why we need to track internet history on someone’s phone? Today most of the people are using mobile phones for many works like shopping, studying, paying the bill, etc. These days millions of kids are using phone for studying. Apart from the study they also use the mobile phone for using social media as well as the adult site for their entertainment. Being parents it’s your responsibility that you check your child’s phone activity. If you are a boss and your colleagues use a mobile phone for a long time in working hours. So you should need to know about their activity.

Learn Way To Track Internet History On Cell Phone
Learn Way To Track Internet History On Cell Phone

The entire problem has only one solution that is FoneTracker app. If you want to track the internet history of your employee or your child or your family member so the FoneTracker is the best option. Today you can see many tracking apps on the internet and you getting a bit of confusion for choosing the spy app. Because FoneTracker offers you many other features instead of track internet history. If you use the FoneTracker app so you will be able to see call history, all apps, social media activity, listen to call recording, and many more. The use of FoneTracker app is very easy and you don’t need to take any kind of problem to start this app.

Downloading process of FoneTracker app

Before downloading this app, you need to go to the setting and then click on security and start the unknown sources. During downloading make sure your device has a proper internet connection. For downloading you just need to follow some steps.

Step 1:– Firstly, you need to visit its official website that is and download the FoneTracker app from here. After downloading, install this app and create a new account with the help of your email id and create a new password.

Step 2:- After creating an account, you need to enter some information about your target device so enter all required information. This process is called the registration process. If you want to hide this app, so turn the hidden mode on your target device and hide FoneTracker app.

Log in the same FoneTracker account on your phone and then you can see the online panel control. Visit the control panel when you want to view the detail of your target device. After downloading this app, you can see all internet history, watched videos, etc. of your target device on control panel. If you want to block any website from your target phone so you can easily do that via your phone. You can save your children from doing any kind of wrong activity by using this app.

Benefits of using FoneTracker app

  • Find lost mobile: – FoneTracker app offer a GPS feature, with the help of this feature you can track the location of your stolen phone and also see the location of your target device.
  • Find accurate result: – The most important benefit is, this app provides you 100% accurate information and undetectable. This app did not detect by other apps.


For using the FoneTracker app, you don’t need to learn any type of computer language. And this app also provides the best feature.


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