History of Sites Visited

Check the History of sites visited using FoneTracker

Let me start by giving you an example of a single parent child who is a teenager boy who lives with his mother. His mother is working a woman who works day and night so that she can teach his son better than her expectations and let him learn good values. But, as she works for hours John remains alone in the house so, his mother bought a cell phone for him so that he can call her whenever needed. But, what happens is completely the opposite rather than calling her mother anytime he started watching adult contents, visited an inappropriate website that were not good as per his age.

Check the History of sites visited using FoneTracker
Check the History of sites visited using FoneTracker

John started hiding things from his mother and started behaving very rudely to her. This strange behavior of his son made her know what he does alone in the home when she is working in the office. Therefore to check his son’s phone activity she started using FoneTracker app. after using this app, she came to know that his son has started using inappropriate websites. She looked up the browsing history where she came to know about everything that his son does in her absence.

This was just an example but in the real world, this every day happens with most of the working parents who want to provide their kids good knowledge and values but fail because they do not know what their kids are doing in their absence. On coming back to the FoneTracker app, if you are also in need to use this app, then you have to read the complete article as this will provide you the information about this application and its features.

What is FoneTacker app and what are its features

Basically, it (fonetracker.com) is a phone tracker app that consists of all the tracking features that one needs for tracking someone’s phone activity. With the help of this app, you can easily check each and every activity of your kid that he or she performs on their cell phone. The application is fully undetectable and compatible with all devices. So, if you have a doubt that your kid is watching inappropriate content in your absence then you can check out the history of sites that your kid has visited.

This will also help you know how much internet data your kid uses in a day and what type of content he or she watches. Bringing up kids is difficult and providing them good values is more difficult, you cannot predict when your kid will get indulge into wrong activities as they are innocent and does not have much knowledge about right and wrong. Therefore, this application is developed that will help parents to know what their kids are doing on their phone.

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On the other hand, this application offers various features like-

All these features can help parents like John’s mother to stop their kids from watching inappropriate content and an eye over all their activities without them knowing.