How to Track Android Phone from iPhone
How to Track Android Phone from iPhone
Review: How to Track Android Phone from iPhone
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Learn to Track Android Phone from iPhone by using FoneTracker app

Today iOS and Android device has taken over the industry of mobile phone. Also, the increase in dangers with the device is seen. Today everything has become so connected and our kids, employees, spouse, friends have become more at greater risk from the malicious intent and internet users. If your children are having an android phone and you are using iPhone, it is possible for one to monitor the activities over the android through iOS.

Learn to Track Android Phone from iPhone by using FoneTracker app
Learn to Track Android Phone from iPhone by using FoneTracker app

Tracking Android through iOS

Addition to the above-mentioned reason, there might be other reason for hacking over the Android device. For example, if in case you are in a relationship and you feel that something is fishy going on, tracking tool tell all what’s going on actually. For this, you need a proof to ensure that you are brought to the conversation without lieu up simply. For such reason, you can spy over other person device and get all the information that you want.
You might be the business manager that supplies the business device to employees. It being business expenses, you must ensure that your budget is under supervision. To make sure this actually happens, you can hack over Android phone to ensure that these devices are used professional and right way.

Is it possible to hack?

There is no need for a laptop or PC, with just Smartphone device hacking can be effectively done, doesn’t matter which part of the world you are at. The best way to do that is choosing the reliable and trustworthy spy tool. Choosing FoneTracker App will be a good choice for you as it is having many good features in it.

How to track over android device via FoneTracker

Register account

Jump to the official website of the wizard through the link ( You will be taken to SIGN UP page wherein you have to fill in all details like ID and password for account creation. Accept terms and conditions before hitting to signing for confirming you are the creator of it.

Installing it on iOS

Input the details on the suspect device (name, age, and OS). Get the suspect device and head to setting to security and Enable unknown device setting.


Once the application is installed, begin to spy on android. Using own iOS, get to wizard official website and log in to the user account. You will be redirected to control panel and from there you can navigate to the feature as per your need for discovering all information about the suspect.


  • Location tracking a hacker can track the real-time location of the suspect through GPS technology and see where the target person is at present.
  • Communication data- The spy tool allows hacker in keeping full track of all IM apps chats (Instagram, WhatsApp, WeChat, and messenger) and SMS messages.
  • Tracking call logs The app is having the ability of tracking all outgoing/missed/incoming calls along with complete details.


There are many greater features available that can be used. As this FoneTracker app is all in one app that lets one in discovering all that he wants. This app gives the user an easier experience of tracking android through iOS.