How to Track A Cell Phone Location Without Them Knowing

How to Track A Cell Phone Location Without Them Knowing
How to Track A Cell Phone Location Without Them Knowing

Learn Way to Track A Cell Phone Location Without Them Knowing

Modern technology, like the untraceable spy software for iPhone and android and a current time mobile phone locator, makes mobile phone tracking easier. Mobile phone spying is commonly done for some reasons; to make sure that your kid is secure, to track your cheating partner, or to make sure your employees are where they would be. Whatever your purpose, the spying app will make your work easy. If you want to know how to hack a cell phone location without letting them knows. So there is a number of methods available including undetectable hacking software for iPhone and Android.

Learn Way to Track A Cell Phone Location Without Them Knowing
Learn Way to Track A Cell Phone Location Without Them Knowing

How to track a device without them knowing

Here is a method via which you can hack a mobile phone without letting them know. There is a number of spying apps available on the internet, but one of the trustworthy apps is FoneTracker app. this app offers many features that make your task very easy.

About FoneTracker app

FoneTracker is a mobile monitoring app that is used by a number of peoples. It provides a lot of features. It is a web service that continuously keeps an eye on the target person and their device activities. Not only you can track the location of the person, but also you can hack the other useful data by FoneTracker app.

If you need to oversee on your kids, FoneTracker will let you inform if your child is safe from harmful internet elements and online predators or not. Also, this app reveals to you if your wife/husband is cheating on you.

And the best part of this spying app is that it does not need any jailbreak on the target phone in order to hack it. It is a very different feature, and it is not available in all spying apps.

Download FoneTracker App At:

Why FoneTracker app is beneficial

FoneTracker is not just used to track location, but its high-end features will help you to do much more.

  1. Keylogger tool– FoneTracker offers a great keylogger feature that record and save complete keystrokes that the target person has typed. You will see all the things from their history of browser, usernames, and passwords.
  2. Call monitor tool– FoneTrackers’ call monitor feature keeps an eye of all the call logs that are received or made by the user. You will view all the details of calls like caller identity, time stamps, call duration, etc. you can even hack the phone calls to listen to what they are talking about.
  3. Social media monitor tool– social media tool has dedicated modules for Whatsapp, snap chat, Facebook, etc. you will view all the conversation of the target person by this feature. You will view the messages that they are receiving and sending. You will also view and record the chats that the target person has deleted.
  4. Website monitor– website monitor display the browser history of the target person on the internet. You can view the complete browser history of the target person. You can even block the unnecessary websites if you want.

These are the best features of FoneTracker app and the best thing is that it works completely hidden. The target people never understand that they are being monitored.

How to track a phone location secretly

How to track a phone location secretly
How to track a phone location secretly

You can follow these simple steps to track a mobile phone location via FoneTracker:

Step 1- login for FoneTracker account and get a subscription package for your smart device.

Step 2- for iOS devices, enter the details of target person iCloud and verify. Choose the device you want to track that is joined with the account of iCloud. For android devices, download and install the FoneTracker app on the target person smart devices through the link: ( The downloading and installing is done within few minutes.

Step 3- click on start option, and you are able to start monitoring the target device.

Once you have the dashboard of FoneTracker on your screen, you will find the tracker location module in the control panel.

Location tracker– FoneTracker will not only send you the live location of the target device but also send the exact timestamp of the specific location.

Geo-fencing– geo-fencing is another great feature of FoneTracker app. By the use of this feature, you can restrict the geographical perimeter for the target person location. If the device crosses their perimeter limits, you will get a notification.

So you can view the easy process of downloading and installing and the beneficial features.


Tracking someone’s mobile phone location is not a tough task to do. FoneTracker app can work on stealth mode, which the target person can never know that they are being monitored.



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