Top 8 Remote Spy Softwares for Android & iPhone
Top 8 Remote Spy Softwares for Android & iPhone
Review: Top 8 Remote Spy Softwares for Android & iPhone
  • #1 FoneTracker
  • #2 TheTruthSpy
  • #3 AppSpy
  • #4 Flexispy
  • #5 PhoneSpying
  • #6 NetSpy
  • #7 Mobile Spy
  • #8 SpyEra


Get the Top 8 Remote Spy Apps/Softwares for Android & iPhone. You will know what all features each spy app offer to the users and see how it can suit your needs best.

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Get the Top 8 Remote Spy Apps/Softwares for Android & iPhone

Do you wish to buy spy app so that you can monitor your kids, spouse even employees activities in simple step? If yes, then you are at the right place and here you will know about the top 8 remote spy softwares for Android & iPhone which can help you drastically. Also, you will know what all features each spy app offer to the users and see how it can suit your needs best. Lastly, you will be able to buy the app and install it on targeted person device easily.

Get the Top 8 Remote Spy Apps/Softwares for Android & iPhone
Get the Top 8 Remote Spy Apps/Softwares for Android & iPhone

Top 8 remote spy app for Android & iPhone-

#1 FoneTracker

#1 FoneTracker Application
#1 FoneTracker Application

The FoneTracker is rightfully a best spy software option for parental control. The app is easily available for Android, Tablet, iOS and offers world-class tracking experience to the user. Surprisingly the app is available at an affordable price and has already an edge over the competition due to easy to monitor services. The app is advanced enough to grip complex requests and provide a user-friendly UI interface to the users. The 24 x 7 supporting services is the notable feature of the spy app as the parent can view activities in real time.

Tracking of the online platforms such as the Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, Snapchat, and other trending social networking sites is possible through monitoring tools. The app provides a detailed tracking of GPS location of about 10-15 feet radius where your kid’s Smartphone has been located. Tracking of multiple devices is also possible from single user account.

What all can be monitored using it? You can monitor all the give below activities-

  • Monitoring of video and photos
  • Completely hidden and silent messages
  • Tracks text messages and calls recordings
  • View multimedia files and documents
  • Track GPS location in real time basis

Moreover, the app provide non-jailbreaking version that can be installed easily on iPhone and Android. You can even buy pre-installed software that is distinguishable very easily and need only few steps to download unlike other tracking options. The app is totally hidden and is impossible to identify by the suspect.

#2 TheTruthSpy

#2 TheTruthSpy
#2 TheTruthSpy


TheTruthSpy is considered one of the most popular Android & iPhone tracking app with millions of users across the globe with finest monitoring and tracking experience. You need to install the spying app on the targeted mobile phone and then you can productively use it to view suspicious activities. You can monitor all conversations remotely through online spying app. It let you track everything starting from SMS, WhatsApp, text messages, Facebook messages, browsing history, and phone calls to social media posts. It also includes some additional features such as the non-jailbreaking version, keylogger, social media monitoring even parental control. Other spying apps may require jailbreaking processes but the spy require non-jailbreaking version although you just need targeted apple password and ID.
The parental control option let you automatically track and block inappropriate and awful websites along with unwanted calls and apps. You will be flourished with rich-full experience and monitoring of the kids with supported tech option is also possible in an effective way. You can buy basic, subscription and premium kits as all options are available.

#3 AppSpy

#3 AppSpy
#3 AppSpy


The AppSpy is mobile tracking software that was launched to provide their user with spy tracking services at an affordable price. You can track and monitor multiple devices including PC, Mac, Smartphone, and tablets. It makes use of robust features and UI mechanism including options such as-
Real-time location tracking– Tracking and monitoring of the suspect using this feature on a real-time basis are possible and you can view changes that are being made by him/her throughout the day.
Ambient noise recording– You just need to silently or quietly activate the microphone option and keep listen to the sounds made by the suspect on his/her devices. The noise could be of attending a phone call or a secret meeting conversation that can be recorded easily.
View messaging history and texts- Like other most popular spying apps, the AppSpy app also let you view messages send or received on social media apps with history and other text messaging app such as the Facebook.
SIM card notification- You will receive or notified with a notification when the target changes the SIM card.

#4 Flexispy

A best-known spying app FlexiSpy with call interception feature allows the secret hearing of phone calls and recording to their users. However, the feature is only offered on jailbreaking devices and rooted devices. Apart from this amazing call interception feature it also offers other great options features which are mentioned below-
Live call interception- you can record and hear the conversation of the targeted person using this live call interception feature.
RemCam- You will be able to activate the camera remotely on targeted phone quietly and take pictures through creating a FlexiSpy account.
Record ambient noise- The spying app also provides a microphone that enables you to listen to ambient noise after you activate it remotely. You can even record and hear a noise that gets picked up by the targeted by on his/her phone.
You can install the powerful software from the official website and get all other tracking options. The app perfectly works on the iPhone, Android and other devices compatible.

#5 PhoneSpying

This spy app has a catchy name and includes enough features to satisfy the customer with top-notch options from the control panel list. The designed software is easy to use and anyone can use it no matter whether he/she is a parent, employer or spouse. You will get bounty parental option features.
Block anything- The PhoneSpying allows blocking of unwanted calls, content, and website virtually from the targeted phone. The app is mainly used by the parents and if you are a parent then you can prevent your kid from a specific person, messaging and calling from a stranger.
Create time restrictions- As earlier mentioned it is a parental spy app, so you can block all the inappropriate phone activities for certain period of time. You can block social media apps, web browser, and other apps during homework time to prevent the kid from unwanted and overnight calls.
Geo-fencing alerts- the geo-fencing feature notify the parents when their kid travels to a particular location without informing them. Moreover, as a parent, you can designate a particular area via the control panel.
Profanity alert- You can set up a list of bad or vulgar words that you do not wish your kid come across. You will automatically get notified when the kid types it while chatting with a friend or some other person. For example, if you track your spouse then you can add names to profanity system that alerts you whenever your spouse writes it.
This app is specially carted keep in mind that sometimes kids indulge in unnecessary and illegal activity activities without being aware of it and the parent might never know about it. The app notifies parents regularly and you can even purchase a hidden version of it from its official website easily.

#6 NetSpy


It is one of the simplest but effective spying apps that are capable of tracking instant messages, web browsing history, recording text, keystrokes, social media app tracking options, etc. They serve as an advance keylogger app for devices such as IOS. Sending an email message to your account whenever the suspect performs some activity is the most unique feature of this app. You can view all the details and information on the available dashboard that requires no physical accessing of the phone after it gets installed.
Capture passwords- just like any keylogger; the NetSpy spying app captures all the passwords that get typed by the suspect on their device.
View keystrokes- similar to a hacker keylogger, this app is also an important keylogger and make use of the software that let you view typed keystrokes across all the apps- including browser, messenger, and email app.
Take screenshots- You can periodically take screenshots while the suspect uses the device and can record activities.

#7 Mobile Spy


The mobile spy app is designed primarily for employers and parents so that they can monitor kids or employees using the advanced dashboard when the suspect remotely performs activities. Silently viewing the GPS location, text messages, photos, social media activities and call details is possible through it. Some of the supporting devices include IOS, Blackberry, , and others.
Great for parent- Since the app offers user-friendly options and features that are designed regarding the concerned parents who wish to know what their kids are doing on the social networking app. You will get an email if the kid posts new video or photo recently on the popular apps.
Powerful location tracking- As soon as the kid leaves the home for the coaching or friend meets ups you will get an alert of it. The advanced technology used in the mobile spy app geo-fencing makes tracking of location possible with real-time analysis.
View live screen- Using the admin panel, you will be able to view live screen activities performed by the suspect or the targeted person.
Mobile spy app is considered the most trusted and reputed app for the parents who want to have an eye over their kids without letting them know about the spying activities. They are primarily marketed toward employers and parents. You can buy it from the official website easily.

#8 Spyera


This app lets you record and intercepts phone calls just by activating the microphone remotely with ambient call features. The compatible software can work efficiently with android as well with iPhone. The overall phone tracking and monitoring services of the Spyera at a reasonable price is good compared to other spying options. Some of the core features of it include-
Monitor phone data- As mentioned earlier, ambient noise monitoring is possible using this app and moreover you can read address book information, text messages, and emails. Also, social media app monitoring such as the Skype, Facebook, WhatsApp Messenger is also available in this app.
Access multimedia files– You can remotely access multimedia documents and files on the suspect device including videos and photos.
Phone recording and call monitoring– Provides with the option of phone recording over the device and monitoring of calls.
Remotely activate microphone- The app let you activate the microphone remotely on the device that helps you to listen to surrounding noise and ambient noise.
The overall service of this app is quite amazing and can help you to get desired results aside from recording and monitoring features.

Things you need to consider before purchasing

Accessing of the targeted phone– To remotely access the features of the app you need to have physical access to the suspect device. Typically, you need to download these spy apps on the targeted device or on the computer.
Compatibility of software with the targeted device- You need to choose spying software that works not only on the IOS but also on the android devices. It is so because when IOS device gets lost by the suspect you can install it on the android mobile and start tracking the activities easily without getting disrupted.
Accessing the internet- The device you are tracking must have a good internet connection either you can make use of Wi-Fi or device data so that you can perform activities smoothly.

How to use the remote spy app

How to use the remote spy app
How to use the remote spy app

After you get understood all the above information you need to follow the basic process from the below steps-

Buy the spy app- From a variety of spy app option; you need to choose an app that suits your needs or requirement best.
Download itDownload the software and install it after you have bought the spy app from the trusted and reliable service provider.
Monitor target person- Now comes the best part, you need to make an account and start monitoring the targeted person activity on the device. Make use of the control panel and track the activities efficiently.

Buy the app and monitor suspicious activities effectively.


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