Top 10 Online Ways to Spy on WhatsApp on Android and iPhone

Top 10 Online Ways to Spy on WhatsApp on Android and iPhone

Learn 10 Online Ways of spying WhatsApp on Android and iPhone

WhatsApp has been an important messaging application since its introduction in 2009. Designed for different operating systems such as Symbian, blackberry, iOS, windows and android, WhatsApp has been favourite of all such users since introduction. List of active users of WhatsApp is increasing since then and it has become a great application for chatting with friends, family and loved ones. Not only this, but it has also been popular in the life of businessmen as well for communicating with their clients and customers.

Learn 10 Online Ways of spying WhatsApp on Android and iPhone
Learn 10 Online Ways of spying WhatsApp on Android and iPhone

Today, it has been loaded with new features such as video call, payments and many more. Since its users are more than any other applications thus it contains lots of vital information of customers. This includes their chat histories, encrypted messages, audio and video files, etc. such information can be reached to some unknown person and thus it need to be protected. However, WhatsApp has its own security features which are highly reliable but inappropriate use can lead to unwanted threats.

Thus, to prevent the incorrect use of WhatsApp by users such as kids, teens, hackers, and others, it is important to use a monitoring app. Here the top 10 online ways are mentioned for users who wish to monitor WhatsApp on iphone and android.

Top 10 apps for spying on WhatsApp

Way 1: FoneTracker

Way 1: FoneTracker
Way 1: FoneTracker

All-in-one spying app FoneTracker is perfect as it is compatible with multiple operating systems. It is loaded with impressive features that are far better than the other apps. FoneTracker will tell you what your kids may be hiding on WhatsApp. Moreover, it will keep you updated about your kid’s location. It has no constraints and thus you can completely spy on the device irrespective of the operating system.


  • Wide range of compatibility
  • Easily spy and send information via notifications and other alert methods
  • Monitor WhatsApp and other messaging apps as well
  • Let you access the device remotely and access text messages, call details and more

Compatibility– FoneTracker has wide compatibility aforementioned and thus all users such as Mac, blackberry, Symbian and other users can have the advantage of using it.

Price– to know the price of FoneTracker, simply check chooses from multiple packages and select the best as per your needs.

Way 2: AppSpy

Way 2: AppSpy
Way 2: AppSpy


This mobile brand is basically a parental control application that is widely known for its parental control features. Engaged with FreePhoneSpy and get the latest details of WhatsApp messages including the deleted ones, GPS location, call logs, internet history and many more. WhatsApp spy is the main feature of FreePhoneSpy that let you know every activity on WhatsApp.


  • Have more than 25 features
  • Can track real-time location easily
  • Have keylogging feature to trace the words typed on the keyboard
  • Have clean user interface and thus needs no special skills for operation

Compatibility– compatible with windows, mac, android and iOS

Price– in $39.99 you will get its basic version. The premium version is available at $69.99

Way 3: PhoneTracking

Way 3: XySpy
Way 3: XySpy


Another spying tool for WhatsApp monitoring is PhoneTracking. It is one of the best and helpful applications available for spying. Its download version is available on the official part.


  • Call history and text messages are visible to the users
  • Simply click on messages to receive the details of text messages, that’s too simple to do
  • Access the web media files, videos, chats, history and more from simple one-click

However, the PhoneTracking is too expensive to have it on your device, moreover, it has limited features. But its compatibility is good in comparison to its counterparts. ‘

Price- no, this app is not free to use and to download it you have to spend $68

Way 4: SpyEra

Spyera is the next-generation app for spying on WhatsApp that has loads of features. It is in the top in the list of spying apps due to such features that allow the simple access to the device.


  • The installation process of Spyera is easy in comparison to others as it gets installed in no time
  • Available for all operating system
  • Can be used for all purposes such as employee monitoring


Similar to PhoneTracking, Spyera is also expensive

Compatibility- The tool supports all operating system.

Price- aforementioned it is expensive, its price is more than PhoneTracking and it is available at $189 for 3 months.

Way 5: The Truth Spy

The Truth Spy does what its name suggests and it has the most used tools for spying WhatsApp. The already users of the truth spy have amazing spying experience with it. It’s the not only convenient but technologically best app for users. It can prevent your kids from cyberbullying which are the common threats online.


  • Can spy on the device remotely
  • Can spy on other features of the device
  • Let you check multiple details of the device


  • has limited features

Compatibility– Suitable for every operating system

Price– you will get it standard version at $21.99 and to upgrade the app you have to spend $30.99.

Way 6: MobileSpy

Full with lots of features, Mobile Spy is another popular app that can show you complete details of WhatsApp. It allows users to access another app as well such as Twitter, Snapchat and more.


  • Have full access to call history and messages
  • Tracking location is easier now with mobile spy
  • Let you block messages from an unknown person on WhatsApp


  • Needs internet connection for operation

Compatibility– support every device

Price- available at $49.97 for 3 months

Way 7: Phonesheriff

It is available at an affordable price and thus it is very much in use. It also has good and easy to use features. One can trace the device from any location without any problem.


  • Designed for preventing users from threats such as inappropriate content, cyberbullying and more
  • Has locking feature to lock the device
  • Have a feature of setting a time limit
  • Can block the calls remotely


  • Not compatible with every operating system available in market

Compatibility- suitable for blackberry, android and iOS users

Price- available for 6 months at the price of $49.00 and one year for $ 89.00

Way 8: MobiStealth

Another application that is meant for parental control lets you spy on WhatsApp anytime you wish. It is a smart application that traces the information about the device’s users secretly. This is due to the in-built features that it has. The app is available only at the official website so if you don’t get it on the store then downloads it from there. It will take a couple of seconds to get it into the device.


  • As said it is smart thus it works smartly on iOS and android
  • Designed for monitoring employees and kids thus it has features that are fit for such users and provide every information


  • However, it does not have many features for other users

Compatibility– Android and iOS users can avail its benefits.

Price- it has a low price than other apps and its price starts from $50.50 per day.

Way 9: iSpyoo

This is a professional spying application designed for professional users only. However, parents can also use it for WhatsApp monitoring of their kid’s account. It is available on the official website for install and download.


  • It has technically suitable features for professional use
  • MMS and SMS can be viewed from the target device.


  • Extra charges for accessing the complete features

Compatibility– good for iOS and Android users

Price– starts from $22.99

Way 10: SpyBubble

Another powerful monitoring application for monitoring the WhatsApp, it runs on blackberry, iOS, android and other devices.


  • Anyone can use it as no special skills are required for it
  • It offers a money-back guarantee in 60 days


Users cannot download it in free as this version is not available

Compatibility- users of android and iOS can purchase this app

Price– iSpyoo is available at a price of $49.97

How to spy WhatsApp

Once the spy software has been installed on the target device then users have to follow the following steps:

  • Create an account by providing the simple information such as name and email
  • Enter the device name so that the application can identify the operating system of the device and check for the compatibility
  • Change the settings once the account has been created in order to hide the icon of the application
  • In case the device runs on an operating system then the users have to provide the iCloud ID and password

Download FoneTracker for spying WhatsApp at:

Follow these steps and then let the user uses the device and check its web version. Open your account with the same ID and password and check for different options to view call logs, messages and other. Click on WhatsApp to monitor the send and receive messages and checking the other information.


The official website of FoneTracker also has the demo for the users. See the demo and then use the app as per given instructions. In case of any trouble, contact the helpdesk or customer support which is available 24x 7 hours.

Log in to to reach to control panel and sign in. the dashboard is ready to offer the detailed information of everything that you have asked for.



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