Top 9 Free Spy Call Recorder Apps for Android and iPhone

Top 9 Free Spy Call Recorder Apps for Android and iPhone
Top 9 Free Spy Call Recorder Apps for Android and iPhone

Get nine best and Free Spy Call Recorder Apps for Android and iPhone

The call recording feature is one among the entire handiest feature available till date on the market that works awesomely on all sorts of mobile devices. It’s been an essential feature that is very much helpful when you wish to spy on your spouse, kid or any friend. The call recorder apps make the spying experience and parental controlling convenient and easier. With the increment and advent of innovation as well as technology, you can see tons of spy call recorder app everywhere on the internet.

Get nine best and Free Spy Call Recorder Apps for Android and iPhone
Get nine best and Free Spy Call Recorder Apps for Android and iPhone

The call spy features are best known to work silently at the background of suspect Smartphone that enables clear sound recording. The spying tool is renowned due to its capability of tracking each and every call that is outgoing and incoming from the suspect device. This article discusses nine free spy call recorders that can be used on IPHONE and android.



One of the widely been used parental control software on the web is FoneTracker that offers unique and interesting features. It is available for all sorts of devices and runs well on Mac, windows, iOS, android, nook OS etc. before you purchase it you can try the free version of this call recorder for an overview of it.


  • You will be able to put a restriction on the inappropriate and harmful app using the FoneTracker, thus setting a desired time limit is possible.
  • With FoneTracker real-time GPS location tracking is possible. You can remotely monitor the suspect anytime just by sitting at your home.
  • If you find your kid or spouse in trouble you can make use of the panic button. The alert will be directly sent to the emergency room.

Price- the price of spying tool is free to use.


Another famous and eminent parental control spying application known is TheTruthSpy that is loaded with tons of features. It is mainly used to spy entire list of calls made or received from the suspect device. The incoming missed or outgoing calls will give you an overview of the happening around the suspect. This way you can detect activities on calls. Some of the commonly been used features are web monitoring, location tracking in real time, etc.


  • you will be shown up with every single incoming and outgoing call using this tool
  • It works silently at the background and you can make use of keylogger feature so as to target password set on the suspect device. All the keystrokes pressed can be monitored well.
  • Web browsing history can be easily accessed with the TheTruthSpy app. It even supports firebox and Google chrome like web browsers

Price- it offers a business version in just $499.95 and the basic version is just $39.99


One among the best and prominent monitoring applications on the web is FreePhoneSpy. Your cell phone will be flourished with numerous features that give a heat to rest of the applications on the web. By engaging with FreePhoneSpy, viewing of call logs and audio logs you can easily target device of a suspect without letting them know about it. You will be provided with tools such as instant message tracking, SMS tracking, and call interception, and many other tracking tools too.


  • You can use a simple interface that is easy to operate and handle
  • With FreePhoneSpy you will be able to record all the call logs easily even the live calls also. The tools are flourished with the latest technology that has the capability to save all the recorded call logs automatically.
  • Tracking of messages from social media apps such as Wechat, WhatsApp, and Facebook is also possible
  • It works awesome on devices such as a window, mac, blackberry, Symbian, Android and IOS

Price- the extreme subscription begins at just $199 and the premium subscription plan begins at $69/month only


A spying app with loads of powerful features in the market is XySpy app. The powerful features enable the user to record and view all the names, time and date stamp of calls. The calling feature can be used to hear live conversations and also to obtain details such as date, time and duration of the phone. XySpy is the most prominent and excellent spying app on the web.


  • The XySpy app is designed to monitor and record live voice calls
  • Parents can make use of this special tool used for spying to supervise their kid’s activities

Price- you can purchase the XySpy app at just $29.99 using the PayPal payment option


A dedicated and devoted call recording app in the marketplace is appmia. This monitoring app is specially made for business and parents as well as managers. You can use this monitoring tool so as to know what your kid is doing when he/she should be at the study table. You can easily access the features and know about the suspect activities live. You just need to download and install the application on the suspect device so as to monitor call logs and audio calls. It is easily affordable for all class of people.


  • You will gather information from suspect call history along with the date, call duration and time stamp
  • You can effectively save all the voice calls using Appmia
  • It is compatible with Symbian OS, windows phone, and blackberry

Price- the price begins with $16.24


The best and reliable monitoring call spying app for businesses and parents is iSpyoo. This popular spying call recorder is available for all sorts of devices including Symbian OS, iphone, and Android. Various features are incorporated in the spying application so as to make the tasks of people easier and simpler. The sole purpose of using the application is to protect the children from harmful threats. The threats could be online bullying, adult content, and other activities too.


  • It is reliable and easy to use applications with lots of features
  • You can track all the real-time locations using iSpyoo easily
  • Ispyoo will show up all the necessary call logs present on the suspect device

Price- the price of iSpyoo starts at just $19.99/month


One of the most powerful and undetectable spying tool is available till date is SpyEra app on the internet. The advanced and highly intelligent algorithm in this spying tool will make the spying journey more beautiful and interesting. The features will greatly help you when you wish to spy on your kid, spouse, and employees. You can easily download the spyera from the official website. The features apart from call recording are social media text message tracking, GPS location tracking and ambient voice listen.


  • The SpyEra is best known to record and make a hoard of calls on the control panel without any hassle
  • You can easily operate the control panel thus no muss no fuss
  • It is compatible with iOS, android, Mac and windows devices


The price of SpyEra is just $193/ three months


MobileSpy is renowned and eminent for parents as it is 2 in 1 parental control application. You will find lots of features that would help you to target the suspect easily. Thus you will be able to silently view all the call and record them on the dashboard. Unlike other application, it does what it promises that contribute immensely to the popularity of the application. With unlimited features, you can spy text messages, GPS location, social media chats, and many more.


  • You will be able to access all the call logs easily using Mobile-Spy
  • Use this great tool for businesses and parents when there something serious that needs to be spied soon
  • It works excellently on IOS and Android devices

Price- The price of the MobileSpy app is around $49.97/ three month


SpyToApp is an excellent spying app designed for call recording from the suspect device. Using this application, you will be able to easily manage and record all the calls that may be voice or live calls. The app provides sufficient features that can be used to gather information from all four corners. The highly intelligent and advanced software makes spying interesting and nothing like before. You can save your kid from social media pitfalls and dangerous happening such as cyberbullying etc.


  • A clear recording of the calls that may be voice or live call is possible
  • You can use other features such as GPS location tracking, text message monitoring, read IM messages and spy on Photograph
  • You need not to have to go to classes so as to learn to programme when comes to operate the software smoothly, as the software is user-friendly
  • It works precisely on android, iphone, Symbian OS, and other devices too

Prices- you can subscribe for a light plan that costs $19 or base package that costs $8


Now you have known all the top 9 call recorder spying apps for iphone and android, so you have a great and huge opportunity to track your kid or spouse location. You can pick any of the call recorder apps as per your budget and start spying without any hassle.


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