Top 10 Free SMS Tracker Without Installing on Target Phone
Top 10 Free SMS Tracker Without Installing on Target Phone
Review: Top 10 Free SMS Tracker Without Installing on Target Phone
  • Top 1: FoneTracker
  • Top 2: TheTruthSpy
  • Top 3: AppSpy
  • Top 4: PhoneSpying
  • Top 5: Free Phone Traccker
  • Top 6: Easy logger
  • Top 7: SMS call tracker- SafeMinor
  • Top 8: FlexiSpy
  • Top 9: SMS and call tracker
  • Top 10: NetSpy


Here in this article we bring you top 10 free SMS tracker without installing on target phone so that you can spy your cell phone undetectable and silent.

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Get the Top 10 Free SMS Tracker without Installing on Target Phone

It is well known fact that Smartphone have made lives of the pupils simple and easy as nowadays people can make a contact to their loved one no matter how long distance they live. In addition to this, modern day text messaging services seems to have an edge over the calling services as they are getting more and more popular. However, this also give birth to increased worry and tension of parents as they will not be able to peep into their kids iPhone or any other device to see what the kids do on regular basis. So, here in this article we bring you top 10 free SMS tracker without installing on target phone so that you can spy your kid easily.

Get the Top 10 Free SMS Tracker without Installing on Target Phon
Get the Top 10 Free SMS Tracker without Installing on Target Phon

Surely every parent worry when their kid is out or talk to someone never have come across and this even get worse when the kid communicate through social media apps. This is so the conversation held by the kid and the unknown is a secret and the parents can’t peep into the kid’s phone as the phone is provided with a code or lock. In this case, you can track the SMS conveyed between kid and the other person via a spy app which is 100% undetectable. The modern day technology has made possible to track someone without installation of any app on the targeted phone.

What is a SMS free tracker

You very well know that nowadays people communicate more via SMS, messages rather than speaking on calls. So, it is less likely to know what the people convey and what type of messages they share. This is mostly seen in case of parents who hesitate asking the kids what they are talking to their friends as they know they are not going to tell the truth. Therefore, in order to reveal what the kids do on the messaging apps and what all messages they type or write, a free SMS tracker is launched that can be used to known what your kid is up to without installing such software on the kids Smartphone.

Nowadays you can find best and reliable spying app in the market available at reasonable or considerable price that can used instantly to spy on kids or your employees. The spy app can also seem a lifesaver when your kids are in danger or might at the early age that can attract them to fall into the pit. It is seen that the kids are more likely to fall in cyber crime pits as the social media apps puts bait and the one who gets utmost influenced are likely to get trapped into it.

With the emerging technology and networking apps many of the things gets solved but as it is known that every good thing have a bad side too. So, the youngster even the kid make use of it more to perform several activities such as the posting of videos, photos and also remain in touch to their friends.

The kids not even get aware of these traps as nobody tells the dark side of the internet and social media apps. Cases related to cyber bullying and other major threats which can have deep impact on the kids mental health can be seen from the past experiences. So, it is your duty as a parent to keep an eye over the child and get him/her aware of this dark side. SMS tracker can help the parents in doing so as they not only let the parent to track social media posts, messages, and multimedia documents and files even the GPS location.

Top 10 free SMS tracker to spy on targeted phone

There are plenty of spying apps that allows not only parents but also employees to track target phone through a SMS system that need not be installed on the targeted phone. Given below are top and best 10 SMS trackers so have a look over it-

Top 1: FoneTracker

Top 1: FoneTracker
Top 1: FoneTracker

The FoneTracker App are child monitoring and parental control tools used to track SMS conveyed by the kid or received by the kid. This app needs no installation process on kids Smartphone that may be an iPhone, android or any other device for monitoring of SMS activities. You can easily track the messages using any of the devices just by knowing the password and iCloud ID username. But why this app is recommended to the parents? It is so-

  • FoneTracker can easily spy over received and sent messages of the target in few seconds
  • You will be able to read the messages and SMS without need of installing the software apps
  • Using this app it will be possible for you to check phone call history along with browser history that was once used by the targeted person throughout the day.
  • You can remotely track someone without any disturbance
  • They support not only IOS 11 but also android devices

Top 2: TheTruthSpy

Top 2: TheTruthSpy
Top 2: TheTruthSpy


This is another free tracker app that needs no installation on suspect phone for tracking of the SMS on iOS devices. TheTruthSpy works well either you install it or wish to use it without any installation or downloading. If you wish to have an experience of the app installed version then you need rooting of your iPhone to work well. Some of the notable features of it are mentioned below-

  • It can track not only SMS but also contact and phone calls of the targeted person
  • You can read the IM messages and text messages that are being received or sent by the targeted person to some other person that may be his/her friend or any stranger.
  • It can even track calendar and events that are marked for future references such as attending birthday party or going out with friends to hang around known restaurants.
  • It only requires password and iCloud ID of the target device, that’s it
  • They are compatible to IOS 11 and IOS 7

Top 3: AppSpy

Top 3: AppSpy
Top 3: AppSpy


The AppSpy app is the most popular and reliable SMS tracking app that can be used both by the parents and employer without any installation to suspect mobile phone. All you need password and Apple ID of the suspect and you will be able to recollect or recover all text messages, iMessage, phone calls, other data without jailbreaking the app. Some of the trusted features are mentioned below-

  • You can see all the iMessage and text messages sent or received by the target or suspect
  • Moreover the GPS location of the individual can also be tracked using it
  • It doesn’t require installation or jailbreaking to access targeted phone activities
  • You will need to install the app if you wish to spy on the android version of the app
  • The app is very much compatible to all version of IOS 11 & IOS 7

Top 4: PhoneSpying

Top 4: PhoneSpying
Top 4: PhoneSpying


Another free tracking app that needs zero installation and allow parents to spy over their kid’s smartphone activities is the PhoneSpying app. The tracking activities could involve phone calls, messages or other phone data activities. Key features of the app are mentioned below-

  • It can work flawlessly without installation just needs password and iCloud ID
  • Tracking of received or sent messages is very easily through interactive dashboard
  • You can also track the contact list that has send messages to the targeted person
  • The app is compatible to IOS 11 & IOS 9

Top 5: Free Phone Tracker

Top 5: Free Phone Tracker
Top 5: Free Phone Tracker


The Free Phone Tracker are parental control apps that allows all the parents to track and monitor children activities performed on the IOS devices. It is absolutely free tracking app that needs no downloading to protect the kids from outside threat and danger. It has some key features which are given below-

  • You will be able to block all the awful and inappropriate content on the kid mobile phone
  • You can track phone calls, text messages even social media activities such as the posted photos, videos and other documents
  • The app also provides managing of the screen time so that the kids can operate the device up to certain time or a duration mentioned by you.
  • It is compatible to OS such as IOS 9

Top 6: Easy logger

Easy logger apps are android spying apps that are easy and simple to track targeted person messages as well as some other details. The easy logger app has features as-

  • It can track received and sent text messages on the suspect android devices
  • You will able be able to see the deleted messages with sender’s name and timing
  • The phone calls can also be tracked with details of number, contact name, location as well as duration of call
  • It works absolutely well on android 2.3 & above

Top 7: SMS call tracker- SafeMinor


A comprehensive app SMS and call tracker allows parents to peep into kid’s smartphone without letting know them about it and keep an eye on them. The monitoring tool allows monitoring of text messages as well as phone call activities. Some of the notable feature includes-

  • You will be able to view sent or received messages convey by the targeted person with some other person
  • You can monitor outgoing, incoming even missed call details using this app
  • Moreover, you will be flourished with a GPS location tracking features that can let you know about the current location of your kid in real time.
  • It is compatible on latest android 8.1 & android 2.3

Top 8: FlexiSpy


FlexiSpy is outstanding mobile spy software that has variety of features which works well on iPad, android, iPhone, other devices. You can track the activities of the suspect via this app and some of them includes social media messages, iMessage, SMS call messages, GPS location and other popular app tracking. The user can choose it for spying cell phone calls also as it provides user with advanced opportunities which makes spying easy and simple.

Top 9: SMS and call tracker


The SMS and call tracker app is specially designed for parents so that they can keep an eye over their kids easily. What all feature it provides? They are mentioned below-

  • It can track call records as well as SMS messages easily
  • Also, the location of the kid device when they move out for some work can be traced efficiently and checked in an easy and interactive way
  • Moreover, filtering of the SMS records is also possible using this app
  • They are very much compatible at android 2.3 & above

Top 10: NetSpy


It is a perfect and most reliable SMS tracking app for those who wish to track activities of suspect using android version. The app needs no installation or downloading process on targeted phone as you can use it to monitor MMS, SMS and other web related activities. The NetSpy app has features which are as follows-

  • You will be able to see received and sent messaged on regular basis
  • You can see all the attachments made with the messages by the targeted person
  • Monitoring of the SMS remotely through high web interface dashboard is also available
  • Also, GPS tracking of location of the suspect is also offered to the users
  • The app is compatible to android devices such as the android 8.1 to android 2.3


The modern day technology and advancement has made the spying processes much more flexible and trustworthy and anyone can use it for appropriate purpose. You, too, can make use of such spying apps such as the FoneTracker which is considered a most trusted and reliable app among the users to spy over your kids, employees, etc. To exploit all the latest benefits of it the spying app can be used without downloading or installing it on the targeted person which greatly serves the user. Get most of the spying experience no matter whether you are a parent, employer easily.


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