Top 10 Free Phone Tracker for Android and iPhone
Top 10 Free Phone Tracker for Android and iPhone
Review: Top 10 Free Phone Tracker for Android and iPhone
  • #1 FoneTracker
  • #2 Find my phone from Google
  • #3 Family locator
  • #4 Cerberus Anti Theft
  • #5 Prey Anti Theft
  • #6 Find my iPhone
  • #7 Glympse
  • #8 GPS tracker
  • #9 LocaToWeb
  • #10 GPS location tracker followMee


Know about the Top 10 Free Phone Tracker for Android and iPhone

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Know about the Top 10 Free Phone Tracker for Android and iPhone

At today’s time losing the Smartphone is really the scariest experience for us. Our phone is working as a daily driver in our daily routine life. It is having all our personal information, videos, images, and several other essential credential details. Fortunately with the help of latest technology some new applications have been bought to the digital market (internet) that surely help us finding out the lost device. We all know a common saying that prevention is much better than having a cure. Setting our device tracker is really is one of the best thing for lost phone recovering.

Know about the Top 10 Free Phone Tracker for Android and iPhone
Know about the Top 10 Free Phone Tracker for Android and iPhone

So here you will see the top 10 free iPhone and android phone tracker that can be used.
List of top 10 phone tracker

#1 FoneTracker

#1 FoneTracker
#1 FoneTracker

FoneTracker app has become one of the top most popular monitoring and spying tool for both iOS and Android device. This is one of the most powerful tracking tools coded with advanced algorithms that are making it better. A parent can make use of this tool for tracking the real-time location of their children. Also, they can have complete access over phone content that includes videos, images, photos calls, web history etc.


  • There no technicality is needed for using the tracking tool. Just install it to the phone of the suspect and log in with account details.
  • It is working effectively and efficiently in a hidden mode in phone background and the targeted person will never know about this activity.
  • A person spying can track the exact current location of a targeted person via remotely.
  • It is easily working on a leading platform like iOS and Android.

Why it is recommended for one to use

  • This is one of the most powerful applications that perform tracking task effectively and efficiently.
  • It is having numbers of good feature to offer that will perform hacking to acquire all mobile data.
  • A hacker can spy virtually on any device invisibly and remotely.
  • No doubt the spy tool works on all platforms.
  • It is very much easier for one to install and convenient to use.
  • It is 100% safer to use as targeted on won’t be able to detect that you have spied on him or
  • There is 100% accuracy in the result.
  • A fully dedicated 24X7 customer care support team is there to assist all its users at all step of the tracking process.

How to use the app

  1. Downloading and installing- To use the app one has to visit the site ( and from there he or she has to download and install the app. Remember that the app needs to be downloaded on both the device (user and targeted one).
  2. Extract data- The app will be extracting the data from the phone of the suspected person.
  3. Viewing all data online- a user has to login to FoneTracker app account in order to view all the data of the monitored device.


  • GPS location tracking With the help of this feature a hacker can see the real-time location of the lost, stolen or misplaced device and targeted person.
  • Calls managing The one engaged in doing the spying can see all the call logs like outgoing and incoming along with details like time, date duration. Also one can see the deleted contacts.
  • Web history monitoring Viewing the entire web history is also possible with the help of this tracking tool. If a hacker found any irrelevant website that suspects watches can be blocked.
  • WhatsApp spy hacking on all the chats with contacts, the shared and received media and status is possible.
  • Social media spying- This app allows one to easily hack upon various social media like Instagram, facebook, twitter etc. A hacker can see all activities done on it easily.
  • Viewing multimedia files Viewing all the multimedia files like videos, screenshots, GIFs, photos, pictures etc is very much easier.

#2 Find my phone from Google

#2 Find my phone from Google
#2 Find my phone from Google

This is another popular tracking tool used for tracking the phone that is created by Google Inc. This tool is well equipped with many innovative features that help a user in finding device within a certain distance. Getting engaged with this spyware will help you in locating the phone remotely. It will perform the function like remotely erasing data.


  • It is available for your device for free.
  • This tool is powered by three modes like ring mode, erase mode and lost mode.
  • If in case the device is lost and is switched or isn’t connected to the internet, you will be shown the last location of the device.

#3 Family locator

#3 Family locator
#3 Family locator

The family locator is free phone tracker tool from life360. This tool allows on map one in locating the family members. This tool is available for the uses of blackberry, android, and iOS. It is equipped with many innovative features.


  • This tool helps one in locating the family members, teammates and friends easily.
  • It helps in locating the current time location of friends and family members.
  • It is compatible with all operating systems.

#4 Cerberus Anti Theft

This by LSDrold is a location tracking service. It today has become a perfect solution for many problems like identifying theft and location device easily. A hacker can easily access device via the website if in case the device is lost.


  • Unlike other tools, the hacker will get all the notifications alert when on the map your phone is leaving a specified area.
  • With the help of this tracking tool remote controlling through text, SMS is possible via another device.

#5 Prey Anti Theft

Prey Anti Theft tool is another all in one tool for hacking someone’s device from the prey incorporations. This application is designed for the purpose of location tracking. The lightweight allows it to function smoother on any operating system without hang or lag.


  • A person who gets fully engaged with this tool can easily find and locate the phone easily.
  • It is available easily for various operating systems like iOS, Mac, Linux, Android, and windows.
  • It easily silently captures snaps and sends those on email address.

#6 Find my iPhone

Find my iPhone is a free Smartphone tracker that effectively and efficiently functions on the iOS operating system. The application by Apple Inc comes with iOS operating system bundle. No doubt this tracking tool is really very much helpful in the situation when the phone is misplaced, stolen or is lost. A user using this tool needs to open up the iCloud official website and fill all the login details for tracking the location of the device.


  • The one using it can track device real-time location via remotely.
  • This application is also equipped with three modes like play a sound, erase mode and lost mode.

#7 Glympse

With this tracking tool, a user can do the sharing of real-time location through GPS tracking feature. There you need not have to sign up for the tool, just install it and navigate the location. A user can also create the group to always stay in touch with family members, colleagues, and friends.


  • The working of the app is faster and is easier to use.
  • When one uses the app, no sign in is needed.
  • A user can easily do sharing the present location.

#8 GPS tracker

This is an iPhone tracking application that is allowing one to find out the lost phone. The tracking tool can be used for catching the real-time location of the spouse, friend, employee, family member. This tool is well equipped with both internet mapping and GPS functionality.


  • The one using the tracking tool can easily do locating of previous 12 hours of location history.
  • A user can easily locate the kids, family member, spouse, and friend.
  • In just one click finding the stolen and lots phone becomes possible.

#9 LocaToWeb

This is one of the best iOS locations tracking tool that is well powered by many good features. The one who gets fully involved in with the tracking tool can easily track speed, duration, distance of the device. One willing to use it can get it at reasonable rates from the apple store.


  • A tracker can track the family members, friends, and another phone as well.
  • One can share the exact current time location of the suspected person device.
  • In order to use the app, no registration is needed.

#10 GPS location tracker followMee

This GPS location tracker is free of cost phone tracker app created by followmee. This tool is allowing one in tracking the real-time location of own device when it gets connected to the internet. It will be working always silently and in hidden mode in the device.


  • A hacker can do the monitoring of the location.
  • It with iPhone X is compatible.
  • With the geo-fencing, a hacker will be getting the notification on the map when the device leaves a specific location.


These are the popular 10 applications that are used for the purpose of phone tracking. You can choose anyone as per your conveniences. But according to me, FoneTracker is the best as it is a combination of innovative features and can be used for free of costs.


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