Top 10 Free Android Monitoring Apps for Parental Control
Top 10 Free Android Monitoring Apps for Parental Control
Review: Top 10 Free Android Monitoring Apps for Parental Control
  • #1 FoneTracker
  • #2 TheTruthSpy
  • #3 AppSpy
  • #4 SocialShield
  • #5 PhoneSpying
  • #6 Norton Online Family
  • #7 MinorMonitor
  • #8 Family Shield from OpenDNS
  • #9 Kidlogger
  • #10 Spyrix Free Keylogger
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Top 10 best and Free Android Monitoring Apps for Parental Control

You might have observed your kid standing in the balcony talking to someone on his or her and when you go near them they start to hide things or talk as if you know the next person. Today, smartphones have become an important part of one’s life. Every person is today having androids especially the teenagers. There is no doubt in saying that smartphones are important when you are in need to talk to your long distance friend or relative. But, the special invention of technology has also introduced some dangers that have made the life of people risky.

Top 10 best and Free Android Monitoring Apps for Parental Control
Top 10 best and Free Android Monitoring Apps for Parental Control

If you are a parent of a teenager girl or boy, giving a cell phone in their hands is important but on the other hand, quite worrying also. Being a working parent, you in need to know what they are doing, where they are going, you give them androids. But, you actually don’t know what they are doing at the back of you. They are using it to chat, click pictures, videos and upload it on their social media accounts. To some extent it is good, but an excess of everything is bad. When your kid starts to send his/ her personal pictures to a stranger, it is quite worrying.

When you find your kid constantly peeping inside the phone, tapping it and smiling, it is worrying. You never to know with whom they will start to talk on their social media account. You never know who will take the revenge of your fight with your daughter or son. If you have a kid who uses an android and living outside the hometown due to studies and you want to know with whom your kid talks, where he/ she goes at night then android monitoring apps is the right option for you.

Why android monitoring apps

There are numerous android monitoring applications available that have made the task of parents easier to spy on their adolescents. If your kid is living outside in any other state due to studies, you can easily spy on their activities without them knowing. These parental control applications will provide every minute detail right in your hands. Hence, there is no need for you to ask your kid where he or she is going, to whom he/ she talks and much more. So, here in this article, we have mentioned the top 10 free android parental control monitoring apps, and then you can use to spy on your kids without them knowing.

Top 10 best and free parental control monitoring apps

#1 FoneTracker

#1 FoneTracker
#1 FoneTracker

It is one of the popular and next-generation parental controls monitoring application for parents who wish to know every minute detail of their kid. This parental control application is mainly designed and developed for parents who work outside or their kids are studying outside the home. The application is compatible with all devices and works on hidden mode. The application inserts the logs of activities on your account. You can easily login to the account from any of the web browsers and view all the logs.

The application runs on invisibly on victim’s device. It helps users to track all the activities including calendar updates, emails, text messages, call log history, GPS location and more. To use this application, you simply have to follow a few instructions and you can start the monitoring process. The first thing you have to do is visit the official website of this app i.e. , now you will see the option of “download now”. You have to click the option and the app will start to download. Once the application is downloaded on the target device you can start the installation process and create a new account. After creating a new account, you can start the monitoring process and fetch all the information from the target device without them knowing.

#2 TheTruthSpy

#2 TheTruthSpy
#2 TheTruthSpy


This is another parental control application that comes second in the list of top 10 parental control apps. The application allows parents to check their kids browsing history and find all the past and present places they have went. You can even discover all the sites that your kid is using and has visited. The application will warn you if your kid is seeing any explicit content.

#3 AppSpy

#3 AppSpy
#3 AppSpy


This application has both premium and free plan that works well for iOS, Android, Mac, and windows. This, in turn, makes this application the most sophisticated as well as user-friendly monitoring application for parents. Furthermore, it has an extensive dashboard which you can access remotely. With this application, you can track your kid’s text messages and incoming & outgoing calls.

#4 SocialShield

If you are also concerned about your child’s activity that he or she performs on social media platforms then this application is best for you. This application offers a 360-degree view of social network activities. In addition to this, it is acquired by Avira that has made this application a must-have app for parents.

#5 PhoneSpying

If your kid is using windows devices, then you should use this app which supports all the windows versions. You can easily get access to it by its official website. With it, you can set the screen time, check online activities, check real-time location and more. Moreover, this software is available for free that helps parents to easily spy on their kids.

#6 Norton Online Family

It is probably one of the reputed names used in terms of security and parental control applications. With this application, you can easily monitor different activities of your kids under one roof. The application is compatible with all devices and you can easily try its premium version for 30 days. There are several advanced features available like time tracking, social media supervision, email alerts, web monitoring, and location tracking.

#7 MinorMonitor

It is a free parental control application that certainly saves your resources and time while making you as a responsible parent. The application has a special state of the art that is social media monitoring that will help you protect your child from cyberbullying and from getting exposed through any explicit content. The application even consists of the highly extensive dashboard which users can access from anywhere. With its, time visual report and in-depth, you can be sure to get a comprehensive analysis of your child’s activity.

#8 Family Shield from OpenDNS

OpenDNS is a reliable as well as an extensively used application for the security purpose. The application is created for parental control that is free of cost and offers amazing spying and monitoring features. One of the important things about this application is that it can automatically block the websites and can filter the contents on a real-time basis. The application is used by a large number of people worldwide and available with identity theft protection feature.

#9 Kidlogger

If you are searching for a parental control application that is free of cost and helps keep a track on kids activity then Kidlogger is the right choice for you. The application will help you keep track of your kid’s activity by offering extensive logs. The application is compatible with all leading versions of iOS, androids, windows, and Mac. It even has a time monitoring feature that helps parents to restrict the use of the internet.

#10 Spyrix Free Keylogger

It is a freely available monitoring tool that is mainly designed by Spyrix. It helps you to remotely monitor each and every activity of kids on their device. It even captures timely screenshots that make it easy for parents to perform prompt surveillance on kids. It is compatible with all devices and offers the best monitoring and spying features.


All these parental control monitoring applications help parents to easily track all the activities of their kids that they perform on their phone. You can simply check all the call details, messages and get access to all the social media sites. The applications are free and compatible with all devices. Hence, if you are an android user and wishes to track your kid’s activity, then these applications are best for you.

However, if we talk about the best and most popular monitoring tool that parents can trust and use to keep a track on their kid’s activity is FoneTracker. Yes! It is an amazing spying tool that you can use to spy on the activities of your kid. The application runs on the hidden mode that helps parents to easily track their kid’s device.
There are numerous features that you can enjoy while using this application like-

To enjoy all these features and benefits, you only have to download and install this application on the target device and the same process is followed when you install this application on your device. The application consists of a control panel that collects all the information that the victim performs on his or her device.

So, without wasting much of your time install this application on your kid’s device and track all the call logs, messages, and other activities without them knowing.


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