Top 6 Apps for Spying on Boyfriend/Girlfriend's Phone (iPhone & Android)
Top 6 Apps for Spying on Boyfriend/Girlfriend's Phone (iPhone & Android)
Review: Top 6 Apps for Spying on Boyfriend/Girlfriend's Phone (iPhone & Android)
  • #1 FoneTracker
  • #2 TheTruthSpy
  • #3 NetSpy
  • #4 Free Phone Tracker
  • #5 PhoneSpying
  • #6 AppSpy


List of Top 6 Apps for Spying on Boyfriend/Girlfriend’s Phone (iPhone & Android). That will help you in catching your partner on cell phone.

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List of Top 6 Apps for Spying on Boyfriend/Girlfriend’s Phone (iPhone & Android)

Relationships are the most beautiful things in our life. They give us happiness like never felt before they cannot be compared to anything else. But, many times these relations become cause our pain and sadness in life. This happens when your partner; girlfriend or boyfriend starts cheating on you. Even after that, they won’t accept that they are cheating on you but rather make excuses. So, how to catch them red-handed with proof? Do not worry we bring you a list of 6 top spying apps that will help you in catching your partner.

List of Top 6 Apps for Spying on Boyfriend/Girlfriend's Phone (iPhone & Android)
List of Top 6 Apps for Spying on Boyfriend/Girlfriend’s Phone (iPhone & Android)

What exactly are spying apps

These apps act as a spying tool through which you can track activities all the activities of your target and keep a constant eye on him/her. What exactly these applications do is collect data from their phone, be it calls logs, SMS, GPS location, social media messages or anything else that they do on their phone. With the help of these apps, you can do it all. The best thing about all these apps is that they work remotely without any physical contact with the target phone. There are not even distance criteria in which you have to be for accessing the data.
So let us start our list of 6 Apps through which you can spy on your boyfriend or girlfriend without them ever knowing. We have made this list in the specific order of ranking which means the apps at the top are best recommended for you when compared to the ones in the bottom.

#1 FoneTracker

#1 FoneTracker
#1 FoneTracker

FoneTracker is the best application which is available for spying on your cheating partner, the reason you will know soon. First thing first, this app is compatible with both Android as well as iPhone. This app provides the most accurate and exact timing information and is most user-friendly for any class of people to use. They have high readability with almost zero crash reports by users which makes it a very smooth functioning app for users.
They provide both paid and free services depending upon the need of the users so you do not have to worry about the money either. Another good thing about this app which brings it to top from all the other app is the 100% accuracy with desired results which no other app is able to produce. This app will be able to work smoothly even if the Phone you want to spy on does not jailbreak. In conclusion, it is a win-win situation for spying with no matter what happens.

#2 TheTruthSpy

TheTruthSpy application would now be able to take the second lead by sufficiently giving security to its clients, yet the number of bugs it is as of late beginning delivering have fabricated an enormous measure of question among the general population, and the trust has moved over the FoneTracker application. The application is particularly esteemed and regarded all through the world. The application is currently enhancing its tuning in the wake of gaining from these disappointments. With the improvement in the above areas it can again acquire its position as #1 but until then FoneTracker will be the #1 application for spying.

#3 NetSpy

The NetSpy is the second best application for reality spy application, the application has picked up its notoriety in the ongoing years, and along these lines, individuals need to begin utilizing. Its productivity can be contrasted and that of the FoneTracker application and accordingly individuals yet dithering in putting their trust over this application.

#4 Free Phone Tracker

The Free Phone Tracker is the most up to date spy in the market and has developed greatly from its presentation in the market as the general population who utilize it is exceptionally upbeat and favoured by it. The general population who are associated with the application are exceptionally content in the way the whole application is being developed. This app still at #4 positions because it has some features which are not available in other applications.

#5 PhoneSpying

PhoneSpying is again a decent spying application, yet its prevalence it just found in its local nations and in light of this, very season individuals utilizes this application. The estimation of the application has developed all over the world. The application is esteemed now, and now it is picking up worldwide presence. The application is for the most part portrayed in its local dialects, and individuals have utilized it a great deal in the ongoing circumstances in light of the way it is fabricated. The application is exceptionally refreshing all through the world.

#6 AppSpy

This website is only available for Android & iPhone but has quite low performance when compared to other top apps. The reason it is on the list is that it can work without jailbreaking. But its disadvantage is that it crashes several times making it a painful experience. But, it still is better than the dump of websites available over the internet and yet at the last position in the top application for spying on android and iPhone.

Features of all the above apps-

  • Anonymity- These apps work anonymously and cannot be traced by target unless and until they go to extreme levels of research and hence they won’t be able to find about it under any circumstances. So you do not have to worry about being caught or they doubting your intentions.
  • User-friendly and live data streaming They are very user-friendly and can be accessed by anyone with or without any prior knowledge about these apps. They provide you with real-time information without any delays. So you do not have to wait for even a single second to know what the other person is up to.
  • Browsing history– one can know a lot about a person by seeing what they browse on the internet. We will help you in knowing about all these cheaters by bringing their browsing history into your phone.
  • Keylogger- if you know about what keylogger is you must be very happy to know that you will be able to use this application for spying with the help of top spying apps. In case, if you are unaware then it is an application that lets you monitor all the typing activities of the target phone. With help of these, you can track all the words typed by the target user.
  • Multimedia access getting access to all the media such as photos and videos of the target phone is the best thing you can have if you are spying on someone. We will provide you with the photos and videos which are sent and received from that phone. Also, the images captured by the phone will also be able at your disposal.
  • Remote access– as we said that this application works from a remote location, but the thing that you do not know is that you can control their phone’s action by using your own phone. You can control their phone in a complete manner. Isn’t it a great feature?
  • Spy camera- this is a very advanced feature, which you can access only with the top spy software. This will help you in recording videos from the target phone, which will let you help in collecting proof against your cheating boyfriend or girlfriend.
  • Call recording and call logs- how accessible it will become for you if someone will just give you a complete data about the numbers your girlfriend or boyfriend is talking. Now, imagine we provide you with the listening of all incoming and outgoing calls with a feature of recording so that they can be used later.
  • Social media excess- in this modern time, most of the cheating cases occurs due to the extent of social media only. We will provide you with all the messages they are sending and receiving on every social media applications.
  • Android and iOS compatibility- these apps mentioned above are compatible with both Android and iPhone which means you do not have to worry about which software your partner uses you will still be able to keep an eye on them.
  • Calendar and event manager access- with the help of these apps you will be able to know all about their scheduled events and meeting in their phone. This can be very helpful if your partner is a working person because such people tend to save these details in their phone.

These applications have many more great features then what is mentioned here. The one thing you should remember while using these apps is to not exploit anyone using them, they are meant for having your relationships, to catch a cheating spouse, to know about your boyfriend or girlfriend and even to keep an eye on your child’s activity.


So what are you waiting for login to and get a solution to all your problems? Catch your cheating partner and tell them that what consequences they would have to face for cheating on you. If you still have any other doubts you can contact our customer service or browse through our website to know more about our products which will help you in spying over your partner in more different ways.


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