Text Message Spy without installing software on target phone

Text Message Spy without installing software on target phone

How to spy on text messages of the target phone without installing spyware

Do you wish to see the chat of your partner’s phone? If yes, then you can do that very easily without touching their phone. Today spying someone’s phone is very easy and using a spyware one can easily see someone’s text messages very easily. In some apps, there is a need for you to install the app on the target phone. Installing the spyware on the target device can be risky and you can be detected easily by the target person.

How to spy on text messages of the target phone without installing spyware
How to spy on text messages of the target phone without installing spyware

Thus, using those spy apps which do not require installing the software on the target phone is best. There are such apps which are not needed to be installed on the target phone. One such spyware is the FoneTracker this app is ideal monitoring software which is designed to operate on all android or iPhone devices. One can thus, install it in their iPhone or android device and then hack the activity of the target person.

One must read all the reviews and check the rating of the spy app before installing it on their phone so as to ensure that they get no issues later. If you simply download any app then you get issues like dissatisfaction. If you wish to get the best experience then make use of the FoneTracker app. This app has got a high rating and all positive reviews.

Features of FoneTracker

  • Text messages spy– this is the feature you will be using in order to see the full chats of the target person with another person. You can spy on SMS or IM chats of the target phone using this feature and can read all the details like date, time, name, number, email address, see the status, and media files shared.
  • Call spy- this feature you will be using in order to listen to calls of the target phone. Whenever a target person makes a call automatically recording will start and the recording will be uploading on your account and from there you can access the recording. Call recordings made are of good quality so you are able to listen to all the things they talk very clearly.
  • GPS tracker– this feature you will be using in order to see the live location of the phone. You can see the current or the past location of a phone on a map. You can see location name, distance, time and other details along with it. You can keep the history saved with you.
  • Browser history spy– to see what content is being browsed by the target phone you make use of the browser history spy feature. This feature will let you see the visited URLs and websites. You can block certain URL if it seems inappropriate to you. Target will never be able to access the URL.
  • Photo and video spy– to see captured or downloaded photos and videos saved on the target phone you make use of this feature. When you use this feature you will be able to see all the deleted photos and videos and encrypted one as well.
  • Keylogger this feature is used when the user wishes to record passwords and patterns of the target phone. This feature record keystroke typed in by the target person and you could see the pattern they draw to unlock their phone.
  • App use recorder– this recorder record the usage of the app installed in the target phone. This recording tells you the time spent by the target person on a particular app. In addition to recording the usage of the app, you can also restrict the use of the app. To restrict you can block or disable the app installed on the target phone and he/she will not be able to use the app.


These features make the FoneTracker the best spy tool. This tool when used by you, you will be able to observe what your partner is doing on their phone. You can come to know what he/she is planning to buy on your next birthday, or are they planning to throw a party on your 5th marriage anniversary. You will be able to know if they are depressed and what is the reason behind their depression.

Did you see this FoneTracker app is so useful and can make your life much simpler than before? If yes, then are you going to use this app? If yes, then click on the link which we have given here (https://fonetracker.com/install-free-phone-tracker/). You can also download it from play store. Take a free trial and then get started with it. You can log into your account anytime to spy your partner’s activity.



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