How to Tell If someone is tracking your iPhone
How to Tell If someone is tracking your iPhone
Review: How to Tell If someone is tracking your iPhone
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How to tell if another person is tracking your iPhone device

The latest technology invention Smartphone is really fascinating. The diminutive device is having enough power to have our digital life in those. It is one of the most important parts of our daily routine life. All the important and valuable details like music, pictures, documents, and several other files are stored in this ingenious device. With the technology advancement, the data security might be at a greater risk. The hackers and other cyber attackers are always in search for the activities of other innocent people. Here in the article, we are going to tell you about can iOS device easily traced and how to know if person is tracking device.

How to tell if another person is tracking your iPhone device
How to tell if another person is tracking your iPhone device

How to tracking own iOS secretly

FoneTracker today has become one of the most reputable spying solutions for the various OS like Android and iOS. It is supporting the latest version of the iOS device. The tool is created for the purpose of monitoring the suspect device. One can access over the monitored phone data like web history, call logs, messages etc through the control panel of the wizard. This app is working in a hidden mode on the suspect device and is recording monitored iOS device activities when connecting to the internet. A user needs to create the user account for availing such service. The best thing is that if you are having a question in mind like can iOS device be tracked.

Why choose it

Remotely access messages
If you think that something is kept hidden from you try using FoneTracker. With the help of it, a user can access all messages through another device.
Reading all WhatsApp chats
Nowadays WhatsApp has become an important part of all life for doing conversation. One via remotely can access it of the suspected person through FoneTracker.
Web history access easily
Getting involved with this too helps hacker in accessing complete browser history of the suspect. It works in hidden mode.
Viewing all multimedia files
Through the tracking tool, a hacker can easily view all available multimedia file in the suspected device.
Accessing to all the call logs
This wizard allows one in accessing all call logs of targeted Android and iOS device without letting them know. Just hit on call and all information will be displayed with complete details.

Steps to track iOS without letting one know

  • Create a user account for free by getting into the home site of the app through the link ( Fill into the text box valid email address and password and create a user account.
  • A setup wizard will get appear. You need to fill in all the details about the suspect person like name and type of OS using.
  • Once done with the above-listed steps, fill sign in details of iCloud like iCloud ID and password.
  • Now you need to do verifications and after it, you will automatically be taken to control panel. From there, access monitored device, text messages, social site activities etc.


Instead of waiting for anything bigger could happen, get the app now and begin to track iOS device and see whether it is traced or not.


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