How to spy WhatsApp messages without rooting

How to spy WhatsApp messages without rooting
How to spy WhatsApp messages without rooting

Way to spy WhatsApp messages without rooting using FoneTracker

The availability of Smartphone has allowed people to enjoy all the benefits that are offered by it because of user-friendly in nature and amazing service that it provides. One such boon of the available Smartphone is social media sites. The social media platform inclusive of WhatsApp is serving all of us like icing on the cake. Mostly all of us are making use of WhatsApp for communicating with other people. It is used for many purposes like for sharing videos, documents, images. Due to this reason, many good, as well as many bad things, begin to happen on a daily basis. You might have noticed that people are showing interest in communicating others on WhatsApp despite normal phone calls.

Way to spy WhatsApp messages without rooting using FoneTracker
Way to spy WhatsApp messages without rooting using FoneTracker

But the risk that is associated with it is that your husband or wife could easily read up all the messages. But at a time it might bring the information that one might not be fully aware of. Kids today have become addictive to the WhatsApp totally and they spend most of the time using it chatting with friends and sharing status. This sometimes can prove to be a lot dangerous as they start concentrating and wait for new messages or new status update to arrive. However, both spouse, as well as parents, can make use of spy tool to know what all activities are going on WhatsApp account of their respective ones.

Our market is filled up of lots of spy tools particularly FoneTracker. The installation and downloading process of the app is a lot simple and can be operated on an android device. This application is best in sense and is fully capable of bringing the information from different corners that can have an effect on the life of app user. A user using this tool can access the data of target person remotely from a distinct location and software offers different options that are suitable to the users. This tool is offering anti-ban properties that can easily detect all hazardous applications present on the target person device.

Reasons why there is a need for Fonetracker tool

  • With the help of FoneTracker app, a user will be easily able to read as well as record the text messages as well as other media files including videos, images, etc.
  • It will help in capturing the profile photo, WhatsApp status, conversations, password, and other things, especially WhatsApp contacts.
  • When one uses this application he will get the opportunity to capture all details from the cell phone of the target user.

Download WhatsApp Spying App

How can I use this wizard for WhatsApp hacking without undergoing rooting

Rooting is the activity that is considered to be an important unit when coming hacking someone. It usually has various steps that are very much essential for forming a strong connection between the third-party account and application. Without any rooting a hacker will easily be able to hack a target person WhatsApp account when takes the help of FoneTracker app. here we are listing few steps that you can follow to obtain this effective and powerful cell phone tracking tool.

  • Make a visit to the official website of the app using the link and hit on download option.
  • Within a few seconds, the application will be downloaded on your device.
  • Now you need to create a user account using valid details like email address and a strong password.
  • Now you have to link the Fonetracker app with the target person device. Hide the icon to stay untraceable.
  • The last thing that you need to do is log in to the user account that you have created and begin spying the target person WhatsApp account.

Why can you use it

When coming to the stage of using the FoneTracker app a doubt or question might have come to the mind why should I use it. Here we are listing a few points that will tell you why this tool will be advantageous to use for spying purposes.

  • It is compatible with both Android and iOS device and there is no need to undergo the rooting or jailbreaking process.
  • It offers free trial and packages offered are easy to afford.
  • It works in hidden mode and a target person won’t be able to trace that his/her WhatsApp account is spied.

Features of the application


I hope that now all your doubt about the best tool, how to use and its features is cleared. So without thinking and wasting time, start using the app for WhatsApp spying and get all you want.



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