How to Spy on Someone’s Phone with Just Phone Number

How to Spy on Someone's Phone with Just Phone Number
How to Spy on Someone's Phone with Just Phone Number

Simply spy on any device with its phone number

Text messages are no doubt the convenient way of communicating to those far to us and are not accessible on calls. Text messages are the best mode since past and used even today despite the introduction of social media platforms. They are considered secure form than these platforms. However, when a spy app is installed into the device then even text messages are not secured. It is because the whole device is hacked instead of hacking a particular app. No matter whether its iPhone or Android, text messages from both the device are traceable.

Simply spy on any device with its phone number
Simply spy on any device with its phone number

Spy iPhone’s text messages remotely

Hacking text messages are no big deal but the point, is remote spying possible? Yes, of course today most of the spying apps work remotely. Earlier, the apps need the device to be within the range of spy app to get all information. However, this issue is resolved in latest spy apps. Remote access is highly required because the target person is unaware of spying. Moreover, today the needs of spying have changed.

Users spy on their children abroad, employees, spouse, friends and boyfriend/girlfriend. The reason to spy is the trust issues caused by misunderstandings and the safety concern of child being online. Whatever the reasons may be spy apps are best in revealing the truth and keeping the user’s safe online. The remote access to their device is important to check this information given below:

  • Text messages send by any stranger
  • Calls from fraudsters or predators
  • Conversations on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Viber and other
  • GPS location tracking using GPS tracker
  • Pictures and videos protected in gallery
  • Secret email messages
  • Secret folders and password protected apps like dating apps
  • Internet history, both searched and watched
  • View any deleted messages and call history
  • Unknown and private numbers in contact list

Spy software is able to check this information. But, if you think that all spy apps can do this, you are wrong. Few apps are good at checking messages while others only check GPS location. Moreover, latest spy apps are incorporating latest features to stay ahead in competition in the market. So, why to purchase a single purpose app rather buys one that can execute all the above features with some unique features as well.

About new and latest spy app

FoneTracker is that latest app that is unique as well in terms of functionality. This spy app works faster in fetching the above information without any interference from other apps. No prior notifications before fetching any app are its biggest advantage. FoneTracker is not visible to the other user on device because of its hidden mode. The app can be stay hidden when you turn on the mode. The app also use less device’s battery which means user is not gonna have any hint of installation of any hacking app. Other hacking app uses lots of battery thus indicating users that something is wrong with the device. FoneTracker is thus safe app to use for spying.

About FoneTracker install procedure

Use this link to download app choose the appropriate version that is compatible to device.

Step 1- configuration

Get the device; check its internet connection and permission for download of non-play store apps. Check it from the security settings of the device.

Step 2- install the app

  • Download the FoneTracker
  • Allow unknown resources to install application in device
  • Register yourself by making an account on app
  • Sign up with same details
  • Fill the target device’s details
  • Switch to the hidden mode
  • Login again to the app and visit control panel

Complete these two steps to use FoneTracker and enjoy the following benefits.

Download FoneTracker App

Advantages of using FoneTracker

Basically, hacking any device needs powerful coding skills but spy software made it easy. Spy software like FoneTracker has eliminated the need of knowing powerful coding or having command over any coding. No special skills are required as FoneTracker is not an app for tech-savvy, anyone can use it because it has a simple interface for users. Moreover, its advantages are making it more useful. Some of them are:

  • Find a lost device– GPS coordinates can help in locating the device in case it gets lost. FoneTracker can tracks the location by accurately determining the GPS coordinates.
  • Easy monitoring– monitoring any device by traditional way is difficult but doing the same with FoneTracker makes the monitoring an easy method.
  • Unwanted activities– parents can stop any unwanted activities by their kid over cell phone using FoneTracker.

Other benefits of FoneTracker include checking internet activities, remote control and more.



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