How to spy on text messages without installing software on target phone
How to spy on text messages without installing software on target phone

Install text message spy software without any access to device

Access to the target phone is must for spying, however very few people know that it is not true in all cases. Usually, people think that they cannot spy other device if they don’t get the device or they need it every time they wish to check their messages. Of course, access is needed but not every time. Few ways let you spy without even accessing the device. These ways may not be successful but still users can use it if they are using it for trial.

Modern spy apps are very powerful and you can install them remotely. But, before we check out a spy software let us know the official ways of spying without any access to any device.

Install text message spy software without any access to device
Install text message spy software without any access to device

Via email

Installing spy app via email is one proven method which works successfully. How it works? Simply send a link to the users via email. Whenever he/she opens the link the app will directly install on the device without any notifications asking for permission to download.

Via Cell Phone Spy

Second method works for real on iOS powered devices. No need to ask for the phone, simply get the user’s ID and password of their Apple device. Here is how to do it?

  • First, check out the spy software reviews to get the most valuable app
  • Register with software and activate your account
  • Use the apple ID and password of users
  • Start monitoring

If you opt for second method then here is the most valuable recommendation for you. Use FoneTracker app as this is highly trustworthy and reliable app known for spying text messages of any device. The users don’t even have to struggle in finding the target’s cloud ID and password. They can view their text messages even without it.

How FoneTracker works

FoneTracker unlike other spying methods needs access of the device for few minutes. Within these minutes the users have to follow few steps correctly.

  • Directly go to its official website via this link from the device’s web browser
  • Download the app from download section. Choose app version as per device operating system.
  • The app’s size is not huge like other files or app so it will download fast in few seconds. But, make sure the internet connectivity is good.
  • Register with FoneTracker
  • Install it by giving permission to access all apps and contact list of device
  • Click OK and go to settings to hide the icon
  • Keep the device back to its place

Download FoneTracker App

Open your web browser and go to the same link, open control panel section or login at FoneTracker. Here you have to enter ID and password that you have just made at FoneTracker. Now, a control panel section will open up. Here, you will see various options like view text messages, call logs, internet history, check locations and more. Click on any option you desire.

Why FoneTracker

Almost all spy apps work in similar fashion so what makes FoneTracker different from others. Spy apps may work similar but their features, reliability, functionality, and access to different apps, safety and price differs. FoneTracker has few advanced features that are reliable as well. The app functions secretly i.e. stealth mode. The app also has accessibility to different apps of device. Safety is its first priority. The user’s as well as target’s data are secured with encryption. No third party access is there that keeps the user safe from any data leakage or fraudsters.

It is generally seen that users believe on any spy app and later get into trouble due to information leakage. Moreover, these apps are not legal so identifying them is difficult. Appsinform prior to the users about their policy and liability. So, in case of emergency app is not responsible for any third party access.

But, FoneTracker has complete secure policy that prior informs users about the consequences and actions taken in case of emergency. Moreover, the app is meant for legal use so it does not support any illegal activity. It means if any user use FoneTracker for illegal purpose then the user is wholly responsible and not the app. Thus, a secure and transparent policy makes the app reliable and legal app for use.

What secrets do FoneTracker reveals

FoneTracker is known for fetching complete activities of user like:


So, it’s not the text messages but other information also that are accessible to users using FoneTracker.



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