How to spy on iPhone text messages remotely
How to spy on iPhone text messages remotely

Guidelines for spying on iPhone text messages remotely

When it comes to getting any software on your iPhone from third-party indulgence, the only problem is Jailbreaking. It is basically a process of eradicating restrictions that are imposed on the apple to install unauthorized software. Jailbreaking void the phone warranty and surely not a good idea. Most of the monitoring software allows the user to spy text messages after the installation of the software. These apps offer detailed information about the suspect regarding the real-time messages.

However, now with the introduction of FoneTracker, you can spy iPhone text messages without any requirement of installing the software. It is basically highly advanced monitoring software that easily tracks text messages and allows the user peep into the conversation. The smart features make the journey more exciting and interesting, you will be spying invisibly and thoroughly read text messages.

Guidelines for spying on iPhone text messages remotely
Guidelines for spying on iPhone text messages remotely

Prerequisites of using FoneTracker so as to spy text messages

As already mentioned above, you have to get the FoneTracker app if you wish to spy on the text messages. You have to satisfy all the credentials. The spying journey is made possible through the creation of a web account.

What makes it so best

FoneTracker has been listed on the top because this tool is not only safe to use but also reliable to use. It is capable of extracting every single detail from the other person account and monitor videos, social media conversation, images, live calls, etc.

It has got excellent reviews from the existing users because of the introduction of advanced as well as innovative features that work well. It will track down every single detail and make the spying much effective. The information the user will be getting will be of real time. In addition to this, it provides a control panel that helps you to keep track of the activities of the suspect.

Another reason why it is so best is that it offers a free trial pack of 48 hours. The advance pack can be used after having a good understanding of the basic of spying. FoneTracker is the best parental control application to date that is available worldwide specially designed for parents and guardians so as to monitor the kid.

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Why need this app

It is a free iPhone text message app that can remotely bring information. Spouse, parents, and employer can use this tool to catch cheating spouse, watch kid’s whereabouts and monitor employees at the workplace.

It can even be used as a backup in case you have lost your cell phone or misplaced anywhere. Thus you will be able to save your data and it can be figured out using GPS location. You can locate it on Google map and get the device.

In case, you don’t figure out its location you can simply remove all the data from your cell phone so that it won’t meet any wrong hands.

What features it offers

FoneTracker offers a great feature that is capable of observing every single activity of the kid. It helps in collecting information from various corners. Given below some of the basic and common features-

  • GPS tracking– the GPS tracker is formally being used to track the location of the kid or spouse. This is how the parent can know the whereabouts of the kid.
  • Message tracker– as the name suggests this sort of tracker is used to track messages. Along with messages, details such as contacts, time, and date will be informed.
  • Call tracker– the call tracker track outgoing, incoming and ignored calls along with duration, contacts, time and date log. Live call recording can also be tracked through it.
  • WhatsApp tracker– the videos, photos as well as multimedia files that are made available on a suspect cell phone will get spied. All the present, as well as past conversation held, can be spied easily.
  • Social media monitoring social media apps like WeChat, Skype, viber, and Facebook can be tracked.
  • Web monitoring– Web monitoring is essential to know what sort of content your kid watch over the internet. Through this, you can check what’s going on in your kid’s head and if you find anything out of range just block it.
  • Gallery monitoring gallery monitoring is the most famous as it enables you to track pictures, videos, and other multimedia files.
  • Hidden call recorder– the hidden call recorder is used when the user wishes to know the call logs that are hidden.

For more info, you can browse through the official site Try the free version now.



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