How to spy on a cell phone without having it
How to spy on a cell phone without having it

Spying on the targeted phone without having it

With the rapid growth of technology, one needs not to have the target device access to install a spy application. Now, anyone can spy on a cell phone without having it. You may already know the modern spy apps by which you can remotely access and monitor the activities of the target phone; however, some of them require access to the target device.

Spying on the targeted phone without having it
Spying on the targeted phone without having it

This means that there is no longer need to be in possession of the cell phone that you want to spy. Thus, you can easily install the spy application without physical access to the target device. There are many points you should consider if you are trying to use spy application without accessing it on the mobile phone.

In this guide we are mentioning two ways that you can spy on the cell phone without accessing it:

Spy through e-mail

For example, if you have doubt in your spouse of cheating and want to know the truth, you can easily take their cell phones when they are doing some work. You can take their phone when they are sleeping or taking a shower. But it is not that easy that it seems, your spouse is the type of person who carries their phone everywhere you might not get the opportunity of taking it. In that case, you can opt for FoneTracker that can be installed via e-mail.

You have to send an e-mail to your partner that contains some multimedia stuff so he/she can easily open it. And boom, you trapped them. This program will have been installed in their cell phone and thus, you can spy on their actions and possession anytime. This trick only works if you will send your spouse direct link through e-mail. When they open the link, this application automatically gets installed on their cell phone.

This method excellently works on the ISO platform enabled phones. You don’t have the iphone in your hands. All you have to do it is to find iCloud id. This application directly works with iCloud id. Find some more reviews on FoneTracker and choose the best one for you.

  • Go to the main page of spy application via this link
  • Register an account here and start working on the control panel.
  • Activate the cell phone using the registered account.
  • You can begin with FoneTracker.

There are many spy applications available on the internet; however, they all require physical access to the cell phone.

Spy on the cell phone without having it for Android phones

In the Android operating system, remote installation is quite tough. This operating system works on various cloud storage systems, however, it does not have the power to remotely installation of the software. The only way to activate spy application is only appeal phone owner to follow the activation link sent through SMS. It is a hard thing to do but is the only way. You can also pretend sent link have some offers or kind of interesting stuff that force phone owner to tap on it.

FoneTracker – best spy app without having physical access to cell phone and also it does not need any operating software. This spy application works on both types of android and IOS platform. In apple phones, iCloud is virtual storage that gives you access to iphone and other IOS devices. You have to activate iCloud backup, then register on the spy application website of the software. Moreover, you don’t need to have to worry about rooting in android phones and jailbreaking in apple phones, as this app installs without any permission.

By this spy application, you will get access to the text messages of any person. You can easily access all the data from their phone without them knowing. In this smarter method, you can use to know all the records of incoming and outgoing calls.

Importantly, this application effectively syncs with the remote device, so you will be able to receive real time messages that arrive on the target phone. Your target person never got to know he/she is being spied.

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It is quite tricky to put a phone spy application without having it. This is not connected in any way as other applications do. You can have to choose hidden software FoneTracker for installation on the target phone. For this, there is not necessary need having physical access to the phone. Just sent the hacking link and once the phone users open it, you will have access to their phones.



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