How to spy iPhone without having target phone

How to spy iPhone without having target phone

Way to spy iPhone without having the target phone

Now there is no requirement of accessing your kid, spouse or employee device as you can install the spy app. Spying cannot be done without the installation of software on kid or spouse cell phone. All the monitored activities will be made available on your screen the only thing you got to do is follow this guide. Today, I will be presenting a powerful spying tool that will allow you to keep track of your kid or spouse activities without allowing them to know.

Way to spy iPhone without having the target phone
Way to spy iPhone without having the target phone

FoneTracker is the most famous and popular as well as user-friendly application that can be used for watching activities of your kid and prevent them from outside theft, and threat. It allows the parents to supervise not only kid’s activities but also the mental health of the kid. The mobile monitoring software works invisibly and tracks activities including text messages, web history, call log history, calendar updates, and much more. After you have followed the easy steps needed to download it you can move on to the feature of usage.

How one can install it

The installation process takes only few minutes as the steps to install are less. They are mentioned below-

  • Step 1- first of all you got to land on the FoneTracker official site. Just hit the button stating “download FoneTracker now“.
  • Step 2- the second step is to create an account. You can create an account using fresh and valid ID plus password. The password and valid ID help you to log in and view suspect’s activities.
  • Step 3- connect it- you can connect your account with the suspect’s device via sending a link or making calls.
  • Step 4- the last thing you got to do is start spying.

Follow this 4 step guide and have the app.


The features are as follows-

  • Track GPS location– FoneTracker can be easily set up so as to track the GPS location of the suspect. Thus you can easily know about kid’s where about and the employer can see whether the employee is in heavy traffic or not. Current, as well as the past location, can be tracked along with places visited and time spends.
  • Track text messagestext message tracker is used to track recipient number, sender’s number and message. The multimedia files if attached to the message can be known easily.
  • Manage calls this feature is used to manage calls and know the number dialed, number of the callers, and duration of call, date, and timing of the call. The outgoing and incoming calls along with timestamp and duration can be known via it.
  • Monitor internet use- through this feature, the user can view URL that got visited by the user on his or her cell phone. This way a complete scanning of the browsing history can be done.
  • View multimedia files– this feature allows the user to view videos/photos that got send or received on the target phone. You can make a record of it and it can be easily done through the control panel.
  • Address book- using this feature, the phone, email, name, date, title, and company at which the person work can be known. You can check contact entered and keep track of the event.
  • LIVE control panel- a LIVE control panel is an option used to view the screen live. It allows you to see instant location and movement of the suspect on the map.
  • Remote control- if is known that smartphone can be easily lost on places where heavy traffic is present, so you can know the location of your phone via this.
  • SMS command- it is for GPS location, wiping or locking the device or SIM change alert. Every time your target makes any move you will be known through a command. The command thus removes the problem of checking the phone from time to time.
  • 100% undetectable– via 100% undetectability it is understood that the other fellow will never know about the activities done by you.
  • Money back guarantees– in case the user isn’t satisfied with the service, the user can avail the benefit of a money back guarantee. You will receive money in 5 days.

Another great feature it offers is auto-answer.


FoneTracker is not only the most powerful but also the highly innovative app with lots of features. It can track the activities both remotely as well as invisibly of your kid or spouse. It works on all sorts of devices and simple to use. A dedicated customer support service is offered so that you can resolve your problems anytime. Get access to the app and protect your children now.



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