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How to capture photos and images using FoneTracker

We all have cell phones and there is no doubt in saying that people everyday click approx 10-20 selfies. Some post their photos on Instagram; some post them on Facebook whereas some keep their personal photos with a security password on their phone. If you have a boyfriend or girlfriend you would definitely click a photo with him or her anytime when you go outside for a date. To let your parents never come to know about these photos and images you hide them or keep those images in with the private setting. Well, a mature couple if does this then there is no problem.

How to capture photos and images using FoneTracker
How to capture photos and images using FoneTracker

But, when your teenager kid is sharing his or her personal pictures and images with someone he or she does not know then it worrying. How can we share our personal photos with someone whom we don’t know, and have never met in our life that is why it becomes quite essential for parents to keep an eye over their kid’s activity. If you have a teenager kid then must start using FoneTracker app as this application will help you view all the images and photos that are shared via the target device.

Whether your kid is sharing the photos and images on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram or any other social media site, you can easily view them with this powerful and high-tech application. The application is mainly developed for the parents so that they can check over their kid’s activity without them knowing. However, to know more about this application you have to read the complete article until the end.

Why choose FoneTracker

There are several reasons that can get you in love with this app, the application is first remotely controlled that means users have the complete right and control over the target device. Secondly, the application is 100% compatible with all devices whether it’s iPhone, Android or iPad. The application even offers its users get all details related to target device like text messages, social media monitoring, view images, and photos and more.

All these things can be known with this single app as per the requirement. However, to use this app you have to follow a few basic steps that are mentioned in the below-given article.

How to use FoneTracker for capture photos/images

The first thing user has to do is get the target device in their hand so that they can reach the official website of this app. once you have reached the official website, you can hit the download option. After downloading the application on the target device, you can start the installation process which will merely take a few minutes.

You can download FoneTracker at:

Now to login with the app, you have to create a new account which requires your valid email id and password. Now you have to log in to your newly created account so that you can get access to the application’s online control panel.

The control panel will let you view all the photos and images that are uploaded and shared via the target device. There is no specific information and knowledge required to use this app. just download and install the app and start monitoring anyone’s device.