How to Spy on Your Boyfriend without His Permission
How to Spy on Your Boyfriend without His Permission
Review: How to Spy on Your Boyfriend without His Permission
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How to Spy Boyfriend device without taking Permission? With the help of FoneTracker app

At present time it is very much difficult for one to find the honest and loyal partner. This is thus increasing the greater level of insecurities particularly among couples having doubts about the partners cheating. The risk of getting betrayed by the partner is more for female than males. The reasons are that males are likely in following the natural impulse than females. But being a partner of equal standing, a question might hit in the mind that it could strain the relationships. According to the research, it has shown that mostly the females are eager to know the answer of how to do the spy on the boyfriend without letting one known and without permission.

How to Spy Boyfriend device without taking Permission? With the help of FoneTracker app
How to Spy Boyfriend device without taking Permission? With the help of FoneTracker app

If you are willing to know how to spy read out this article carefully. This article will clear all doubts of yours.

The reason why girlfriend could doubt is late returning of the partner to home or not replying or talking properly. Also not spending much time can be the reason as well for spying. Today the social media applications have become highly popular, who know that whether the partner is using those for cheating on them or not. If you are willing to know how you can spy on boyfriend’s device then try FoneTracker.

No doubt this tool is a reliable and secure tool for spying on one’s in hidden mode via Smartphone. By using the app you will be able to find out all that your boyfriend is doing or is cheating or not. You will come to know all online activities of him on daily basis over iOS or Android OS. Everything will be known very much easier than they do like calls, SMS, chats, multimedia files, and social sites activities on the device. Also, where are they are going will be known.

How to use the application

FoneTracker is the fully safer, reliable and secured app that can be used for spying when on the need to get full access to boyfriend phone. It requires one in getting complete access to partner phone for setting up of this app. here are a few steps you need to follow on setting up and using the tracking tool.

Creating user account
Visit official website using link ( and tab on “TRY IT NOW”. You will be directed to the signup page. At this page, you need to enter Email ID and password. You need to hit on signup button for creating the account. Just remember the login details as you will need it when logging in to the account.
Selecting OS
Now you have to give the person’s name and age that you want to spy. Select OS of the device.

Setting up on iOS and Android platform

For Android- You need to download the app on the suspect phone and install it. Open up it by tapping on the application icon and then sign in with the account. Give permission to the tool when it is prompted. Now finish the setup by hitting on “START MONITORING” option.
For iOS- Fill iCloud ID and password that on the suspect device is there. Hit on “VERIFY” to begin the process of verification and begin monitoring when it is completed.

Sign to expose the boyfriend cheating on you

Staying engaged to the device all time
People are having their device all time and it too applies over boyfriends. There no limit is of how much one is obsessed with the device. If the boyfriend is taking the phone to the bathroom and doesn’t leave it for half an hour’s or even more, it is indicating something fishy is going on. Also if he doesn’t allow you to come closer to him or is having a tough password for protection, it means something is there that he wants to hide from you.
He is always using social media
Using Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, and the Facebook account is not so bad until and unless you are cheated by boyfriend. Mostly the people use it for the longer time. If in case boyfriend is continually using those, might be because to stay fully updated of another girl.

Why use the app

  • The application is having a clear user interface and is easy for one to use.
  • It is allowing one in tracking or spying on a person via remotely through own device.
  • Monitoring all outgoing and incoming callings is, sent and received text messages are easier.


So without thinking much, begin using it and see what your friend is hiding you. It will you to make the right decision whether to be in a relationship or not.


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