How to Record Conversation on iPhone and Android
How to Record Conversation on iPhone and Android
Review: How to Record Conversation on iPhone and Android
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Know how to record Conversation on iPhone and Android through FoneTracker

Being a parent, it is important to keep an eye on your teens or child, isn’t right? Of course, if you find your teens are talking with strangers late at night and without informing you about, then it becomes necessary for you to monitor their activities. Because you don’t know what your child is talking with the right person or not and even you also don’t know an unknown person whether an unknown will make them to go to the wrong way or not. So, in such a situation you need to get an application or way by which you can monitor your teens or loved ones, no matter you are close to them or not.

Know how to record Conversation on iPhone and Android through FoneTracker
Know how to record Conversation on iPhone and Android through FoneTracker

These days, FoneTracker is said to be good software or spying application which monitor all the activities of your teens are taking place through their Android or iPhone. This software is typically a vast set of programs and it is completely mobile tracking software which is specially built for iOS, iPhone and Android platform. It records all the conversations are being done on your teens or loved ones cell phone. Now, if we talk about its performance, it easily programmed to gain digital information or data from memory elements and then relocate gathered data to the specific address. Apart from this, it monitors all the conversation of the social media apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and etc.

How to use FoneTracker for Recording Conversation on iPhone and Android

Let’s take a look over, the complete process of downloading, installing as well as using FoneTracker-

Configuration– before starting the downloading the FoneTracker, be sure that victim gadget has stable internet connection via GPRS or Wifi. Also, victim gadget should be set to permit the installation of no-market applications. Visit the setting and security and then check unknown sources are turned “on”.
Download on victim device directly– next, you have to browse to from your cell phone’s browser and download the app to your device later on. Once, the downloading gets finished, you need to open up your message window and install from there.
Create an account- after that, you need to create and register your account just by pressing the register button. Moreover, if you register an account at victim control site, then all you have to do is press login button in order to join the victim’s phone to your account.

One thing you need to keep in mind after downloading the application that it should not be shown in the victim’s application icon, otherwise, it may be seen by the victim. You also don’t need to root your device, if you use this best application.

So, now you have understood the full method of downloading and installing the FoneTracker. It can be also utilized by the employers to hack the activities of their employees, and spouse can use it to keep an eye on their loved to make sure his/her loved ones cheating on them. The application is the trust of many users today because of its useful and effective features. To get more information about the software, click the mentioned above link.


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