Parental Control

Fonetracker – #1 worlds Parental Control spying applications

Looking for a parental control app for your kid’s smartphone? Wondering how to keep control on the activities of your kid and disable the inappropriate sites that are not suitable for their age?

Fonetracker - #1 worlds Parental Control spying applications
Fonetracker – #1 worlds Parental Control spying applications

Here is the good news for parents; FoneTracker is one of the most downloaded parental control application works on the latest tracking software. Thus, this app allows you to limit the screen time for your kid that will remotely turn on and turn off the apps on their smartphone if you want.

Why need FoneTracker for Parental Control

Why need FoneTracker for Parental Control
Why need FoneTracker for Parental Control

Kids entering an unsafe zone

As a parent, we all are worried about our kids whether they are going to unsafe places, in order to do know that you can use geo-fencing using the FoneTracker. This feature of the application will notify parents whenever their kids enter an unsafe or inappropriate zone, so you can take steps. On the other hand, setting geo-fencing around your home helps in locating the stole or lost devices.

Cyber threats on social media

Today, mainly teenagers and kids do not hesitate to share their personal life on the social media platform. They do not think too much while posting any picture or video, thus for cyber thefts stealing their online identity is easy that can lead lots of trouble. In recent years, lots of cyber crimes are taken place especially with the help of social media platform. According to a frightening report, more than 1.3 million kids had their identity stolen through social media platform and most of the kids are below 6 years of age.

So as a parent it is important to have control over your kid activity on social media and with whom they are talking. Tracking on the social media activity of your kid will reveal how much personal data your kid is sharing.

Chatting with unknown peoples

Growing up a meeting with new peoples are the part of life, however, with the availability of digital platform your kids are exposed to all kinds of people who are completely unknown sometimes they have harmful intentions. Surely, you may hear about these suspicious conversations, as such you can always step in and want to avoid this unpleasant situation. Spying on the messages of your kid social media account will help you to understand what is running on their mind and what type of messages they are sending or receiving.

Searching inappropriate content

Internet is the hub of all kinds of information but not all of them is relevant for minors. By tracking the type of content your kid is searching to make their day more productive. As a parent you should monitor web browsing history timely, engaging with adult content at a very early age can harm your kid in many ways.

Adult chat rooms

On the internet, there are many chat rooms for everything. Kids are innocent they easily get attracted to the groups that spread negative and hatred messages. This is not something good for your kid, you need to take immediate action before your kid get involved in such types of communities. Parents must monitor their kid’s presence in social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype, Instagram, Telegram, Viber and more.


How we can forget, a lot of teenagers are exposed to cyberbullying in social media websites and online chatting platforms. This may affect their physiological aspect from loss of self confidence and severe cases like suicide. This is really something that you should think about and make your kid stay far away from it. Reports say that over 25% of teenagers have been exposed to repeated cyberbullying from online chatting platforms.

Sex texting

Coming of age, most of the teenagers even adults too are likely involved in some sort of sex chatting. It might be a purely personal choice; however, it leads to blackmailing or leaks. When these situations have arrived you need to handle it very sensitively and allow your kid to share information. You should educate your kids to act responsibly while they are chatting to someone. If you see someone having bad intentions you can directly block them using spy applications.

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There are several parents who would like to know what their kid is doing on their smartphone whole day but get ended because of unawareness of the spy tools that might help. When it comes to kids safeties then tracking down all mentioned factors are essential. Install FoneTracker now on your kid’s phone and start monitoring, everything else here