How Can I Monitor My Child’s Text Messages for Free

How Can I Monitor My Child's Text Messages for Free
How Can I Monitor My Child's Text Messages for Free

How Can I Monitor My Child’s Text Messages By Using A FoneTracker For Free

In today’s busy life and running for money, day and night parents do not find time to spend with their children. Due to this their children get far from them and often indulge in bad habits or poor choice of friends and end up spoiling themselves. We understand the limitation of parents but with the advancement of technology they have the hope to monitor their kid’s activity. The parent does not have to leave their work or waste their precious time. They can track their child text messages by using a FoneTracker app for free. By knowing your child’s activity on phone you can get a quite clear idea about their desire, needs, and their day to day life.

How Can I Monitor My Child's Text Messages By Using A FoneTracker For Free
How Can I Monitor My Child’s Text Messages By Using A FoneTracker For Free

If you want to be a concerned parent you may doubt how you can get and use this app for monitoring your child’s text message. Here I will give you guidance about how to install this app, use this app and its advantages.

Downloading FoneTracker

FoneTracker app is readily available for free in commonly all play stores available in the market. You can download it for free read the instructions carefully then sign up accordingly. A link will be generated which you have to send to your kid mobile where it will be installed and hid itself. Your child will not be able to see this software neither feel any changes in working on his or her mobile phone. Now the app is ready to use. Let’s discuss its various advantages and features.

Download FoneTracker App

Features of FoneTracker

Call History: Now you can see all the outgoing and incoming phone calls of your child’s smartphone. This app also provides facility to access you their names from your child phone address, duration of calls. By knowing the frequency of calls you can get a rough idea about their best friend or common people who he talks in his daily life. You can even block unwanted numbers from your child smartphone by using this app.

Monitor their Text Messages: By this app, you can view your child’s entire message log. That is all the messages he received or send and also the person whom he had this conversation. As we know today text messaging has become the number one choice for a person to communicate.

The details you can get by reading your child’s text message will be far clearer of his lifestyle rather than his phone calls. Through this app you can make sure that your child is not having a conversation with wrong or dangerous people. This app also includes monitoring of his watts app chart its images or video stored in the gallery and nearly everything which is based on text message as a medium such as we chat, messenger, telegram, I message and many more.

Advantages of FoneTracker

  • User-friendly
  • Compatible with nearly all versions
  • Virus secured
  • Free updates
  • Low storage space
  • Includes GPS tracker, track Viber, Facebook tracker, and many more.

So don’t waste your time, get the FoneTracker app for free at and be a good parent.



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