How to spy on someone’s Instagram without target phone

How to spy on Instagram without touching their cell phone of person

Instagram is currently the best social media platform which people love to use to share their pictures and videos. This platform is very easy to use and loaded with so many interesting features like making video calls, sharing stories, and many more. With the increasing use of Instagram, the Threats are also increasing. We see that children who are under 12 are making fake accounts and try interacting with other people. This pose problem to them and they fall in traps of predators. They are bullied and blackmail after which they end up committing suicide.

How to spy on Instagram without touching their cell phone of person
How to spy on Instagram without touching their cell phone of person

Believe it or not but it happens and is happening, the user of Instagram if do not keep their account private and chat with any stranger or share their personal information then they may fall in the traps of predators. Hence, it becomes necessary to spy on kids who make use of such social media sites. Parents can spy on their child and come to know what they are doing on such a social media platform. They can see whom they chat, thus, parents can block the strangers so that their kids don’t talk to them and this is the only way of stopping cybercrime.

How to access the Instagram account without touching someone’s phone

How to access the Instagram account without touching someone’s phone
How to access the Instagram account without touching someone’s phone

We know you might have tried to look into the phone of you kids and tried to hack their Instagram password but you will fail to do it as you are not a tech guru. Thus, using the traditional method for hacking is of no use, and you need something professional, which is easy and fast. We have brought an application named FoneTracker using which you will be able to access the Instagram account without moving phone of target.

This app will not only let you spy on the person’s Instagram account but will let you do many more things. But if you hack an Instagram account using it then you will be able to see all the chats of the Instagram account holder, you can see their private photos, archived and saved the post and so on. So, we can say that this app will be really useful for the parents as well as the partner.

Parents can spy on the kids and partners can spy on each other to make sure they don’t fall in the traps or threats. It is very essential that you monitor your loved ones before they fall in any kind of traps or are misused by the other person.

Steps to spy on Instagram account

  • com here is the link which you need to visit
  • Download FoneTracker in your phone and install it
  • Then the user is needed to sign in and get the FoneTracker account
  • Finally, log in and fill the required details to hack the target person phone

Once, FoneTracker track the cell phone, you will be notified and you will be able to observe all the activity of the target phone from your FoneTracker account.

You can also see the Instagram activity of the person and record other activities such as –

  • Call/SMS Spy
  • Contact history spy
  • Location spy
  • Browser history spy
  • Social media account spy
  • App use spy
  • Photo and other media spy
  • App blocking
  • Keylogger

All these features can be used by you easily and operate on any kind of operating system.

Why use FoneTracker

  • Safe and easy to use- when you look at the store you can see there are thousands of spy software available but the reason why we ask you to use this software is because is it not only easy to use it but you can see that it is comparatively safe than other software and there is no sharing of the user’s data with the third party.
  • Compatible– this software is compatible with all kind of operative system whether it is android or IOS. So, user can use it and can hack any device without much problem whereas in other software there are compatibility problems.
  • Virus free– This software is tested as well as 100 % virus free so if you use then there is no risk of virus. Your system or phone is not affected when used or installed this software.


Make sure you have the internet connection then only you will be able to use this software and will be able to look at the Instagram activity of the person. To start using it today follow the above-given steps and get the details out of the target phone. visit