How to hack someone’s Instagram without touching their cell phone

Way to hack Instagram without touching someone’s cell phone

Instagram is the most popular social media app that is used by the millions or even billions of users for uploading and sharing new content with others. Instagram is not only used for personal use but is also used for professional purpose. Today seeing the high rise in crimes on the social networking apps people especially spouse and parents have started hacking on the Instagram account of their respective ones. This helps them to figure out at are their kids or husband/wife safer or not.

Way to hack Instagram without touching someone's cell phone
Way to hack Instagram without touching someone’s cell phone

In order to hack Instagram, you need to install the spyware on the phone you will get all the details of Instagram activities that are done by the target. Instagram is the popular applications used nowadays. There are about 100 million users registered that are using it on a daily basis and still, more and more peoples are using it. Instagram is providing millions of views every day and you won’t be surprised to know why thousands of passwords of Instagram are hacked.  Here we are disclosing the best Instagram hacking tool and steps you can follow to hack it easily and conveniently.

FoneTracker – The best cell phone hacking tool

FoneTracker - The best cell phone hacking tool
FoneTracker – The best cell phone hacking tool

FoneTracker is one of the most popular hacking tools that is used by the people that would like to hack someone’s Instagram account. It allows users to have full control of other person’s device and activities that they are doing. If you are thinking that your girlfriend or boyfriend is cheating on you then it becomes very much essential for you to figure out that with whom they for the whole night or throughout the day is talking and engaged.

With the use of this hacking tool a hacker not only can spy on Instagram but also on Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. Also, you can track the calls and text messages of the target person along with their real-time location. If you want to hack Instagram then this is the right choice for you to use as it will bring out the result within fractions of seconds.

There are few features available with Fonetracker that can be used by the hacker in order to hack other person devices completely that includes social networking sites and other cell phone activities. Whether you are parents or spouse or employer, tracking a cell phone without them knowing will be a lot easier. If you are interested in knowing how then you must follow a few steps that are listed below.

Step 1: Setting the wizard on own device

To do so you need to download and install the app from the official website using the link in your device for the hacking target device. It is essential to install the app in your device as without installation you won’t be able to get access on both spyware as well as on target phone.

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Step 2: registering

At first, a hacker needs to do is creating a user account over the Fonetracker application by using the valid email address and different password. Ensure that you follow the terms and condition and read those properly before you make use of this tracking tool.

Step 3: pairing the device

In this step, you need to make a call at the phone that you want to hack. Also, you can send messages to that phone in a unique way. This will be a lot helpful in creating a connection between both the device. You need not have to worry even the call is not received by the hacker. A code will be generated as a confirmation that phones are linked together.

Step 4: start monitoring

Now you need to login to the user account and through control panel, you can have access to all that you want.  To have better control on Instagram you must activate the feature status. Here you need to hit on the social app section and hit on Instagram that you can easily get all updates of Instagram and have control over the activities of the target person.

Features of the spyware

FoneTracker is filled up of many good features to offer that is allowing one to have complete spying experience. The features offered by the hacking tool is listed below-

  • Monitoring all the internet activities
  • hacking multimedia files
  • GPS location tracking
  • hacking all text messages
  • hacking all call logs
  • Key logger function
  • Ambient voice recording
  • WhatsApp hacking

Why use this wizard

  • 100% untraceable
  • Easy to use
  • SIM chat alert and notification


No doubt FoneTracker has become one of the best hacking tools that fulfill all hacking needs. So start using it now only.