How can I spy on my Wife cell phone without touching her cell

How can I spy on my Wife cell phone without touching her cell
How can I spy on my Wife cell phone without touching her cell

How can I under spying on my wife cell phone without touching her cell

There was the time physical investigator used to be popular and was high in demand among the people. But today the technology advancement has allowed the people to spy on their target easily by using best, reliable and trustworthy spy tools. As the time has changed, the way of doing spying has changed. Instead of using the traditional method of spying people are using spy tool or snooping apps. Many tools are available in the market that is good at own place. Today we are going to talk about the best snooping tool that will help you in a better way in achieving the desired aim. Before we move further let us know why people need it.

How can I under spying on my wife cell phone without touching her cell
How can I under spying on my wife cell phone without touching her cell

Certainly, everyone is having own reason for doing the spying. Couples are also undergoing spying activity if they are having doubt on their wife and try harder to figure out whether they are continually being cheated or not.  Cheating is the common reason why one would like to undergo spying on someone.  Through spying all the details of the types of activities wife do will come to know to husband and according to the result, the right decision can be taken up. Fortunately, there are many spy tools available on the internet that can be used for undergoing spying. So here we are going to tell you about the best spy tool that will definitely fulfill all your desires of spying.

FoneTracker – the best snooping tool for hacking wife device

FoneTracker is one of the best mobile phone tracking tool that is built for tracking the activities conducted by the wives from own device, without her informing of being spied. This application is non-traceable and provides the user of all the data that is needed by him or her phone. The application provides its user with complete accessibility to the target phone. No doubt FoneTracker is the advanced spying applications that are offering different features that can be used for spying whole activities of the target phone in all possible way.

Steps to use the app

If you want to use the app to ensure that whether you are cheated or not or lied or not then you must follow below-listed steps –

Download the app

As the application is available for both Android and iOS there are two various methods that you need to follow for setting up the app in respective devices like Android and iOS separately. You need to download the app into your device from the official website Make sure that you have enabled the option of the unknown source so that you can easily download the app in your device easily.

Create a user account

Now you need to sign up for creating a user account. Make use of valid email address and password so that you can log in to the app account for spying. Every acquired detail of the wife will be available here only at the user account of the app and that will easily fulfill all your spying desirabilities.

Linking up to the phone

Provide all the details of the wife phone to the spy tool like phone number, an operating system so that a stronger connection can be created in between both devices. This will let you spy on a cell phone easily.

View all tracked data

After done with all that mentioned above you need to view all the details of the cellular activities done by your wife. Just head into the web-based control panel of FoneTracker app and collect all details you want by hitting on all available spy options. One by one hit on the available options like text spy, call spy, multimedia files spy, internet history spy, etc and acquire details you want.

Download FoneTracker App

Features of the app

  • Calls spy- All the calls that are made or received by the wife will be completely spied by the husband easily with full details. The details including call timing, location, date, and other person details will be spied.
  • Text message tracker The text messages that were sent or received by the wife with full details like date, time, location, content, etc will be easily spied by this tracker.
  • Location spy Real-time location of wife will be traced to know where she goes and also details of the previously visited location will be too traced.
  • Multimedia files spy Phone available videos, photos will be easily traced by the target person to know what sorts of multimedia files are stored in the device.


This is how you can spy on wife device without touching her phone and without letting her know of being tracked continually by you.



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