Ambient Voice Recording

Discover about the ambient voice recording using FoneTracker

The ambient listening feature is one of the best features of the spy tool that lets a user call on the phone of target and listen to the surrounded noise. With the help of FoneTracker all the ambient listening, voice recording, and all call recording can be heard. It is easily done by clicking on the ambient recording feature. Then a user can listen to the noise without letting the suspect know about it. A hacker can listen to those at any time and from anywhere. You can do the recording of the surrounding voice without needing access to target phone physically.

Discover about the ambient voice recording using FoneTracker
Discover about the ambient voice recording using FoneTracker

All the recording can be saved on the computer and android phone and it remains always hidden and the suspect won’t be able to know about it. Within a few minutes, all the noise can be recorded at any time, you only have to set the call duration for ambient voice recording and after that, all the work will be done self. It will help you in listening to the people noise around the target phone saying.

Step to use Ambient Voice Recording via FoneTracker

FoneTracker a spy voice recorder helps in providing all the recording of the surrounding and upload it at the app user account. If in case you are unable to listen to that online, you may get the record and listen to those at any time you want. Those recording can be downloaded on the phone and kept as evidence for future listening.

FoneTracker helps you in listening to all surrounding noise with the feature of the ambient listening feature.

The best thing about this spyware is that it is user-friendly and this process of installation is a lot easier.

Also, it lets a user call victim phone and listens to the surrounding noise in real time. The FoneTracker acts as an ambient recording app, ambient listening app, hidden voice recorder, and spy voice recorder.

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How to use this feature

To use it you need to get into the official site of the app from there you can get the tool installed in own device and target phone. After installation open it and fill ID and password. Hide the app in victim phone and begin to spy. You can activate this feature through the control panel and listen to the surrounding noise of the target phone. Also, the recording of those can be made and save on own device. The feature is of great to use when you wish to know where children are. If they are in school you can listen to the classroom bell noise, children talking, etc.

Features of the app

  • SMS Tracker sent/received SMS are tracked
  • IM Tracker- Facebook messenger, WhatsApp is tracked
  • Calls Tracker All call logs like incoming/outgoing will be spied
  • Contacts Tracker- Spy on the phonebook and see name/number
  • GPS tracker Locating the target phone and allows the hacker to see the real-time location
  • Social media Tracker- Check Facebook, Instagram, snapchat activities
  • Multimedia files Tracker All available photos, videos are spied


To listen to the surrounding activities noise of the target phone nothing can be best option apart from FoneTracker.