Hidden call recorder without them knowing

Hidden call recorder without them knowing
Hidden call recorder without them knowing

Get Best Hidden call recorder without them knowing

Have you ever tried to listen to what your spouse is talking on call or with whom he/she is on call? I know you might have tried to listen to the conversation but still, you might not be able to figure out what they are talking or to whom they are talking. So, now we are going to make this dream of yours to listen to calls of your spouse real. Yeah, we have a solution that will let you listen to the call, and this solution is the use of the spy app.

Get Best Hidden call recorder without them knowing
Get Best Hidden call recorder without them knowing

From the tons of spy app, we have selected the top spying app for you. This app will not only make you spying experience the wonderful one but it will let you explore various benefits of the spy app and their use. There are a number of features including the hidden call recorder which lets you hear to the live conversation of the target.

What is the hidden call recorder

What is the hidden call recorder
What is the hidden call recorder

Hidden call recorder is the feature offered by many spy app including FoneTracker. This feature is useful in the case where you wish to listen to the live conversation of a person by sitting in a different corner of the world. Yes, no matter where you are- close or near to the target device still you are able to listen to the live conversation of the person and are able to record the conversation. This recorded conversation can be used as evidence in the future.

The hidden call recorder works once you make a hidden call on the target phone and there is no need for the target device to receive the call as it is a hidden call. So, Target does not get to know about the hidden call and this call which you make on the target device is received automatically and you are thus able to listen to the target conversation.

So, have you ever thought that spying a call is that easier? well, you need not think much start using the FoneTracker and record all the calls of your spouse and do not let them cheat you.

I know many times it is not that your spouse is cheating you and it is just a misunderstanding which makes a relationship bitter. One solution to save your relationship and that to sort out the misunderstanding is to monitor the calls of your spouse.

Your spouse will never come to know that you are spying or monitoring their activity so in this way trust between you and your spouse will not be affected by the use of this software.

How to use FoneTracker for recording phone call

Thus, in order to make use of this software follow the following steps.

  • Visit the website given- fonetracker.com/install-free-phone-tracker/
  • From the website download the software in your phone
  • Install the software and run it
  • After this, you are asked to sign up, so sign up
  • Log in to the user control panel and then enter the info asked and follow the stepwise process to hack a device.
  • Once the phone is hacked you are notified and you start receiving the activity info of target phone.

The call recorder function is provided in the app and you can turn on the notification so as to receive all info about the target activity. The user needs to understand that FoneTracker allows you to spy on a phone for a good purpose. The purpose is not to harm any person and that none of the collected information is shared with the third party.


So, before making use of this software it is necessary that once you read its privacy policy. After agreeing to its policy you can readily make use of it and record all the calls, SMS, browsing history and passwords and patterns of the target device.

The more you use this app the more you will know about your spouse and deep will be the relation between you and your partner. When you can see them live through your phone there are chances that you will never let any other person come between you and your love and you can handle the situation if in case someone tries to ruin your relationship.

In addition to spying on a spouse, you can also monitor kids in your house. When you are not at home and wish to know what your kids doing then the best way to know it is to use the FoneTracker and track all about what your kid does today. If you want then you can also track the activity of your friends and relatives and come to know about them.



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