How to hack someone’s Facebook without them knowing

How to hack someone's Facebook without them knowing
How to hack someone's Facebook without them knowing

Way to hack someones Facebook without them knowing

Facebook has become a crucial part of all lives. It is another leading social media platform and is routinely used for business promotion and friendly conversations etc. If you undergo hacking Facebook account of a person you get the insight for the person who he or she is actually. There comes the time when unwillingly or forcefully one has to undergo the hacking process to bring out all hidden secrets. This article will tell you how to hack someone Facebook by not letting target to know all about it.

Here in the article, you will see the best method of hacking Facebook completely.

Way to hack someones Facebook without them knowing
Way to hack someones Facebook without them knowing

FoneTracker – Best Facebook hacking app

It is one of the most effective mobile phone tracking tools and is developed for hacking the Facebook account remotely with no jailbreak. It is one of the most reliable and popular hacking tools that will assist you in keeping an eye on someone’s phone without recognizing. Many spy apps want you to implement the outbreak on iPhone or rooting on android before monitoring Facebook activities. It is said that the iPhone is having restrictions versus permitting uninformed third party celebration tools from being set up into the device. That is why numbers of spy tools are needed you to break out iPhone and rooting android for the shed that restraints.

Fonetracker is actually a trustworthy as well as easy to afford app that might hack Facebook account faster. This app is highly advanced and a powerful hacking tool that incredibly works on all types of devices like Android, , etc. It is having many enhancing solutions and can help in tracking the target person.

Why hack on Facebook account

Facebook is widely accepted and admired social media app and is having prolonged branches all across the globe. It has transformed the older ways of communication. When it is exposed to the people they get into it for experiencing something unique and different. They are able to communicate with dearest one and friends in an effective way with the dearest one and friends in a better way that earlier wasn’t possible. It not only allows users to do chatting but is supporting video calling services and recording is possible on the device.

There is lots of privacy and security related issues going on nowadays across the world. It is said that spammers and hackers are always ready to take cell phone data of your professional and personal life. In this case, the thing that one does is taking help of police that takes a long time for getting the result. If you prefer faster alternative in the form of a hacking tool like FoneTracker then it will benefit you a lot.

If you are the parent of children and are always thinking and what if your children have got involved in the wrong activities. Now you can clarify all doubts that are related to the kids with the help of Fonetracker. Additionally, the partners can also make use of this tracking tool for figuring out whether the partner is cheating you are not. This way all the traditional mode of hacking has got eradicated.

You, partner or children, Facebook account might be filled up of videos, photos, and documents that can be important. Those can be accessed through FoneTracker. It is capable of doing other things that are listed below-

  • Captures latest and old pictures
  • Read the content the is present on Facebook account like about page
  • Check the friend list
  • Deleted and running chats can be easily seen
  • Photos or status in which target is tagged

How can you download the app

If you think that Fonetracker is the reliable and best spy tool for you and is seeking to use it then the procedure of downloading and installation is discussed here. The process of downloading and installation will be executed by heading into the official website of the app. the official site of this tool is It will tell you about the whole process of application downloading and installation.

You for once can go to the privacy statement and about page so that no stone unturned is left. Also, you can read out the article present on the website so that hacking on other apps can be known. Aside from Facebook spying, WhatsApp, Viber, Instagram, etc is possible with this tracking tool.

Download Facebook Spying App


  • Calls hacking
  • Ambient listening
  • GPS location hacking
  • Phonebook hacking
  • Internet history hacking
  • Keylogger
  • Multimedia files hacking

View All Feature of FoneTracker


FoneTracker is the best and trustworthy hacking tool and is efficient enough to collect complete data from the phone. As the process of downloading and installation is easier you can easily handle it. It is compatible and works in hidden mode.



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