Free text message spy without installing on target phone

Free text message spy without installing on target phone
Free text message spy without installing on target phone

Best Free text message spy without installing on the target phone

On the internet, you will find many applications developed that are having own purpose of usability. Once the app is developed and on a timely basis, its new version is bought and they today are expanded all across the globe. Today technology has become so convenient for us that to buy something you need not to step out of home and sitting from one place you can place the order easily. And all the details are available on various websites. Before anything get onto newspaper, it is updated on the internet. If you want to stay fully updated then the internet is the right option as it is the fastest mode of information transmitting.

Best Free text message spy without installing on the target phone
Best Free text message spy without installing on the target phone

Text spy app is one of the best apps developed that let you to completely spy on text messages of the target person. One of the topmost ranking spy apps is FoneTracker. Through the access of the app, you will get access to the victim device. You can easily do spy on the target person phone without installing the tool.

If you are having any doubt on partner or friend or children then you can make use of best tracking tool that allows you to spy on text messages completely. Not only text messages but multimedia files, social sites activities, internet activities, etc will be completely spied. Just undergo the process of device pairing and once you had done with that successfully, you will surely be able to get the desired outcome. Every detail of the cellular activities of the target phone will be available on your phone. No doubt using FoneTracker is the simplest and secretive way of spying on the target person’s device.

How to undergo spy without touching target phone

How to undergo spy without touching target phone
How to undergo spy without touching target phone

The question of how to use the FoneTracker app is revolving around the mind of people. Here we are listing a few steps to follow that will let you know how easily the app can be used for text messages spy.

  • Setting up the app Download and install the software on your phone and from the official site only. Make sure that you have enabled the option of the unknown source to let the app get installed easily.
  • Establish the account- After the app is mounted on your phone you need to establish the user account. Use the valid email address and password in order to undergo account creation easily.
  • Provide the target person details- Now you have to provide the phone number of the target person that is to be spied. Once provided the app will create a link in between both the devices.
  • Begin to monitor- Once done with all the above steps you can get into your user account and through the app control panel; you can monitor all conducted activities like text messages.

Features of the tracking tool

  • Tracking real-time location This high tech feature allows the hacker to undergo hacking the real-time location of the target person. This will let spouse and parents know where actually their partner and kids are at present and whether they are telling lie to you or not. It will tell you all about the previous location history so that you can come to know where the target throughout the day was.
  • Reading text messages All the outgoing messages and incoming messages will be spied fully when you have access to the text messages spy tool. As soon as the messages take its place on several instant messaging apps, it will be transferred to the user account of the target person. It will tell you complete details like who is sender/receiver, the content of the message, date, time and location as well.
  • Internet history spying All the activities that are done by the target on the internet will be spied very well. The list of entire internet activities like all URLs visited, content downloaded, total time spent on a site, etc will be listed on the control panel.
  • Monitoring the social site activities- A hacker can easily view all the activities conducted by the suspect on various social networking sites like Instagram, Facebook, twitter, etc. This will show you about activities like content shared, photos/videos uploaded, status updated, friend/followers/following list, etc.

Benefits of this app

  • Find out lost devices
  • Reliable and affordable
  • Undetectable
  • Compatibility


Get the wizard now in your phone and link it with another device so that you can enjoy spying with full effectiveness and gather all details you want as per your needs.


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