Free phone tracker without Installing on Target Phone

Free phone tracker without Installing on Target Phone
Free phone tracker without Installing on Target Phone

Best Free phone tracker without Installing on Target Phone

You can see an increased use of smartphone these days compared to the old days. The traditional form of communication demand face to face communication that sometimes creates problems however, with the evolution of smartphone this is not the case. One can easily stay connected with loved ones as well as friends without cost much. However, this also increases safety threats. How? People make use of smartphone for the illegal purpose such as generating leads in business.

Best Free phone tracker without Installing on Target Phone
Best Free phone tracker without Installing on Target Phone

You can take considerable steps to safeguard your loved ones. This article features a free phone tracker that requires no installation of it on the target cell phone. Earlier this compatibility is not offered in any of the apps however with the technological advancement, evolution of tools like FoneTracker is possible. Foentracker is one such application among all the applications present in the market. It has the capability to track the activities in real time. The activities might include text messages, location, multimedia files or another sort of spying.

What makes the FoneTracker a high in demand app

First of all, FoneTracker stands firmly at the very first position among all other applications present on the internet. It has got the highest rating because of the fact that the features served allows the user to get more information. The information exacted from the suspect cell phone is in real time that means you can get real-time location data. For example, if the suspect is typing a message or sending a file, you will be notified and the information can be revealed.

Another biggest statement in support of it is that it offers customer service of 24 hours. This clearly means that in case you find difficulty operating this app, you will be answered or get your problem resolved by the experts. The experts and professionals are always there to assist you and help you out of the problem.

The third statement that supports its usage is the ease of compatibility. It is highly compatible with devices such as iPhone, android, and other devices too. This means no matter what sort of device the suspect has, you will be able to keep an eye over it.

The installation and downloading process are really simple. You just have to land on the page that enables you to hit the download button. After you have hit the download button, you can have the tool over your device. Now comes the installation process. It is much simple as you don’t need any of the coding skill. Even if you don’t have any computer skill, you can easily operate the tool. Once, the installation is completed, you got to create an account. To create an account, you need two things namely username and password. The password must be strong enough that nobody could break it and enter into your privacy.

What is the control panel

Control panel is just like a dashboard. It is user-friendly and can be easily accessed at any time. All the data absorbed by the tool from the suspect cell phone is stored here. You can view the images, videos, and files anytime and can do an examination of it.


Given below are some interesting features offered by the FoneTracker. The features allow easy spying and are

  • Text message spying this feature is basically used to track the text messages. the text messages sent on social media applications such as Instagram, whatsapp, and Facebook can be easily hacked. You can read the content and see the date and time.
  • Social media hacking- social media activities can be easily hacked through this tool. All the photos, images, and files sent over the social media app will be tracked using this feature. This feature is very useful as nowadays most of the happening take place over social media.
  • Location tracking the location tracking allows you to detect the live location of the suspect. You can even know the old or past location where the suspect spends time. It could be a mall or any restaurant.
  • Alert- the alert feature allows you to get notified in case any message is being sent or received over the suspect device. It will thus allow you to stay updated on every stage.


You might have seen thousands of app on the internet, however, the service and features offered by the FoneTracker is something amazing. It will allow you to get complete information about the suspect in real time.

Get it online for free.



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