Free Phone Tracker App without them knowing

Free Phone Tracker App without them knowing
Free Phone Tracker App without them knowing

How to track a phone using phone tracker without letting them know it

Tracking a phone is now an easy task as there are thousands of tracking applications available in the market. These applications can be easily downloaded on a phone or laptop and using their tracking guide you can any phone. You will not need to touch the phone or install an app on the target device. The user has to download the app in their phone and make settings to be able to track a target device.

How to track a phone using phone tracker without letting them know it
How to track a phone using phone tracker without letting them know it

Which tracking app is more popular

If you ask us which tracking app is more popular in the market and should be used to track a phone then we suggest you FoneTracker. This app is the best app offered with functional features and easy to use interface. This app is fast working and once you complete the tracking process this app will track the phone within 5 minutes.

The FoneTracker is reliable for use as the app is compatible with all Android & iPhone devices. This tracker app will hack the phone completely without letting the target know about it. Target will never be able to detect this app and so the user can track a phone peacefully.

How to track a phone using FoneTracker

How to track a phone using FoneTracker
How to track a phone using FoneTracker

FoneTracker is available to download on its official store that is ( You can download the app if you wish to track a phone using this app. Once installed you are offered with a number of features which will allow complete hacking of the target device. In order to make use of this app, you need to sign up and log in and then follow the guide and make settings in order to track the target device. Fill the details which are asked to fill about target person and then you can click on ‘TRACK’ option and then you will see that after some time all the details of the target device is available for you to see in your control panel.

Whom you can track

You might be thinking that whom you will track or whose device you must track? Well, there are many people and much reason due to which you can track the device. People mostly use the FoneTracker to track on their lover’s phone to know if they are cheating on them. But there are other people also, like your friends, your competitors, your kids, etc and you can track on their devices for different reasons.

You can track your kid’s phone if they are trying to be smart and not studying. You can track that how much time they waste using the phone. You can see which app is most used by your kid and you can block that app on which he/ she waste most of his/her time. You can also see the location of the device of your kid and you will come to know that they had gone to coaching or are on the bunk.

You can track your employee’s phone and you will come to know what they are doing at the working hour. Are they busy playing games on their phone or are they really working? You can track and find out to whom they are calling and talking. Are they leaking your company’s details? If yes, then you can gain all the evidence against that employee and then take necessary action to stop them.

Features offered in FoneTracker

  • Location tracking– this app is best for tracking the live location of the target phone. There are offered GPS tracker to track the live location. In case you wish to find out the kid’s phone location or your partner’s phone location to see where they are, then you can make use of this feature.
  • Call tracking– to know who your kids or partner talking at night and what they are talking about, make use of this feature. You can record the call and then hear to the conversation and you will come to know all about them.
  • SMS tracking– user if wish to see SMS chat of the target phone then use SMS tracking feature. You can record all the chats, read them, save them or use it as proof to expose a person. You can collect necessary details like name and number of the person to whom they are chatting through the SMS.


There are many other features offered such as ambient listening, keylogger, social media account hack, and browser history spy and many more. All the activity which is tracked will be available to see in the control panel of the user.



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