How to spy on someone’s Facebook without target phone

Way to spy on someone’s Facebook messages without touching their cell phone

There is a large number of Facebook users all over the world. This social media site has connected people around the world and had made communication very easier. People can not only communicate but they can also share ideas or promote their product or services through Facebook. However, there are many people who are making a fake ID on Facebook and troubling other users. They are posing threat to kids and teens that are using Facebook. Therefore it becomes necessary to spy on FB messages of the kids and teens.

Way to spy on someone's Facebook messages without touching their cell phone
Way to spy on someone’s Facebook messages without touching their cell phone

You may think that it is impossible to spy on the Facebook messages of a person if you are not a tech guru. Well, at present there is much software available which you can easily use even if you are not a tech guru and using them you can easily spy on Facebook. One such software which is made to spy on a phone is FoneTracker. This software helps you to track the Facebook messages and you need not install this software in the target device in order to monitor it.

All the messages and the Facebook activities of the target phone will be recorded by this software and you will be able to see the activity through your control panel. You can see their password and also you can see their photos, saved photos, chats and also their search history. You will be able to see their friend list; you can see their like’s pages and many more.

In addition to spying on Facebook, user can see and monitor all the phone activities like you can see their location, you can see their photos and videos, and also you can see their WhatsApp messages and you can record their call. In short, we can say that all the activities of the phone are tracked using the FoneTracker.

What benefits do I get from mobile tracking

There are lots of benefits linked with mobile tracking and some of them are as follows-

  • You can catch cheating friend or spouse your friends and your partner are the ones whom you trust blindly. But you can see that today nobody is good and everyone have their hidden evil side. This side is not visible to the outside world. So, if you wish to know in deep about your friends and spouse and want to know that if they are cheating you then make use of the FoneTracker.
  • Keep eye on employees whether you owe a big company or small office, you might have some employees which seem a threat to your company. But without any proof, you can declare them threat or culprit. You need to monitor them first then catch them red-handed and then you can expose them. So, if you use a phone monitor you will be able to monitor your employees.
  • Find lost phone– this is another use of the phone tracker. At times when you misplace or lost your phone in crowd or public place at that time using this software, you can locate it and get it back. Also, you can lock the phone and erase all the document of the phone in a necessary situation so that your data does not leak.

So, these are a few benefits which one can see as they make use of this software. Now let’s see how it can be used.

Steps to follow for spying a phone using FoneTracker

  • Firstly, click on the provided link com
  • Then download and install the app from the site on your phone
  • After this, you need to sign up
  • you will create an account and access the control panel
  • Then you will enter the details asked about the target phone
  • fill them and click on the “SPY” option

Download FoneTracker Now for spying on someone’s Facebook messages without touching their cell phone

After a few minutes, you will see that your control panel will be filled with notification regarding the live activities of a person. There will be different features under which you will be seeing different activities of the person. For example- under the feature spy call you will see the records of calls; also you will get to see the contacts of the target phone.


This is how you will be able to spy on various activities of the person on his phone. You can keep the records or delete them if they are not useful. There are many packages of features you can choose that package which has only the features you require. Hurry up! go try it now!