How to hack Facebook without password

Learn way to hack Facebook without password

In the recent year, there is seen a rapid increase in technology and with this increased use of social media has also increased. You can see there are a large number of social media sites are available and with time new features are introduced in social media sites so as to keep people engaged. Facebook is a name which comes in mind of a person whenever we talk about social media sites. This is because it is the largest social media site and there are 3 million active users of this social site.

Learn way to hack Facebook without password
Learn way to hack Facebook without password

Most of the people make use of this social media to share their content and business make use of it to promote their services. So, there many benefits of this social site as it helps people connect to share ideas and content which are useful. But with all these benefits there are several disadvantages are also present. One such disadvantage of Facebook is that kids interact with unknown people or post personal information which may be used by other people to benefit them. They might misuse the info and photos of your kid.

Hence, it becomes necessary for the user of Facebook to remain alert. In addition to this parents Should remain alert and updated about their kid’s activity. The use of a hacking tool is best in case you wish to look into the Facebook account of your kids. There are a number of hacking tools available and using them you can easily get control of your kid’s device. The most commonly used hacking tool is the spy app. It hacks a phone and lets you, monitor.

The software which is preferred by a large number of parents is FoneTracker. This app is used to hack Facebook. When you have this tool then you need not require a password to look into a person’s Facebook account. Also, when you have this tool you need no physical access to phone and sitting at any place you can spy a device and look at their activity.

FoneTracker – Best Facebook Hacking without Password

FoneTracker - Best Facebook Hacking without Password
FoneTracker – Best Facebook Hacking without Password

The FoneTracker is a spying tool which you can easily get from HERE. This app is needed to be installed in a user device and need not be installed in a device to be hacked. As user install the app he/ she is asked to sign up to make a personal account on FoneTracker. User signs up and they get a control panel which they use for hacking purpose. The hacking of Facebook can be done from here. All you need to do is go to Facebook hacking feature and enter the name of the target person and the software will hack the account for you.

In this way, you get to hack a Facebook account without a password. When you are done with hacking a Facebook account, you are able to see the Facebook chats, search history, deleted messages, settings, saved photos and videos and so on. Also, you can change their Facebook password and make other changes as per your requirement.

Features of FoneTracker

By using FoneTracker you are not only able to spy on the Facebook account of a person but you are also able to see other activity and control their phone-

  • Call recording– user can record all calls of the target phone and save them.
  • SMS recording– user can record all text messages of the phone and save them.
  • Bowser history spy– user can record the history of browser and save history.
  • social media site spy- user can hack all social media account of target people like FB, twitter, and Instagram.
  • Keylogger– User can record the pattern and password of the target phone.
  • IM messages- user can record chats of WhatsApp, hike and skype and so on.


So, these are the activities of the target phone which you will be able to record using the FoneTracker. You can also block apps and sites on a phone and the target person will not be able to use the apps. If you require only some hacking feature and not all then you can subscribe to a package that has limited feature. The feature which you like for them only you will pay, this will save you money.

So, Hurry up and make a subscription to FoneTracker and track all the activities of your kid, teen, and family. You can discover a lot of things about a person by hacking and you can save them from threats by hacking your loved ones. In this way, you will also be able to solve the misunderstandings which take place with you and your partner.