Employee Monitoring

Employee monitoring using FoneTracker

If you are seeking to spy on your employee’s phone then why don’t you try FoneTracker app. The employer must be interested to know about the activities conducted by the employee when they are not in the organization. They must know that what their employees do in the office as well as outside when sent for official work.

Employee monitoring using FoneTracker
Employee monitoring using FoneTracker

If they are dishonest with the company or who they are communicating and spending time or are they sharing the company’s personal data, all can be discovered through the best tracking tool. Nothing as compared to the tracking tool is better to discover all about employee’s activities. This article will help you in knowing how to monitor employee constantly.

FoneTracker – Best Employee Monitoring Software

FoneTracker - Best Employee Monitoring Software
FoneTracker – Best Employee Monitoring Software

Talking about the best tracking tool available in the market is FoneTracker app. This application has got greater popularity among the large numbers of hackers that are willing to spy on the target person device. The ease to use, trustworthiness, generating the accurate result, fast processing, and working in hidden mode has made this spy tool a preferable choice for tracking. No doubt day by day the users of this spy tool are increasing drastically.

They are making use of it for all time and monitoring every cellular activity conducted on the phone. The positive reviews by the users, high star rating and listing among the top spy app has made it the best selection of tracking respective person device.

Know how to use the FoneTracker tool

Step 1: Download the application on the employee phone

To use this application a user needs to download it into the employee device. At the time of downloading process ensure that mobile is connected with Wi-Fi or cellular network. The process of downloading and installation is a lot easier and is available for free of costs. Just follow all the instruction of the app installation given at the site of the app. After the app is downloaded, the user needs to install it on employee’s phone and then adjust the setting by enabling the unknown source to let the app get easily installed.

You can download and install the app using the link: https://fonetracker.com/install-free-phone-tracker/

Step 2: log in and monitor all the cellular actions conducted by the employee

After that, you have to log into the user account or create a new user account. Just enter the email and password correctly. Through the online control panel, all the recorded activities of cellular activities can be easily monitored.

Step 3: buying the application

Now you need to buy the application from the official site. Before you buy you need to go for free 48 hours trial so that you can see how perfectly the app works. Once you are satisfied with the work ability of the app you can buy it by filling the order form and then get access to all the features the app is offering.

What has made the app widely popular

  • The FoneTracker app is an effective and powerful tracking tool that is providing a user with highly innovative features.
  • This app is providing 24 hours of customer care services that will surely help a user in solving all problems and queries one is having.
  • This application is highly cost-effective when compared to the other applications.
  • It easily works on all type of networks and also can be used on any mobile operating system (iOS and Android).
  • It is providing 100% safety and security and it is difficult for one to detect the app installed in the target phone.

Features of the product

  • GPS location tracking FoneTracker is capable enough to track the location of the employee when sent out for some office work and will tell whereabouts completely.
  • SMS tracking All the SMS or text messages that are sent, deleted or received by the employee with details of messages like content, date, time, location, sender/receiver info will be traced.
  • Phone calls spy All the calls that are made or received or even deleted will be spied of the employee so that with whom the conversation is going will be discovered.
  • Internet history activities conducted spy- All the URLs visited and saved bookmarks will be traced by the tracker.
  • Alert and notification- If an employee changes the SIM card this will be notified to the employer easily with the new number.


This is all about FoneTracker application. If in case you are having any type of doubt that you are having on your employees. No doubt this tool will surely help you in getting all that you are willing to know. Without missing single important details the app will collect all information whether deleted or not.