Can You Hack a Phone Number from Computer
Can You Hack a Phone Number from Computer
Review: Can You Hack a Phone Number from Computer
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Hack a Phone Number through a Computer Using FoneTracker App

So you are looking for ways through which can You Hack a Phone by just knowing its phone Number from Computer. There are many apps that can fulfill your requirement. FoneTracker is one of those apps. Here we have a brief description on how to use FoneTracker.

Hack a Phone Number through a Computer Using FoneTracker App
Hack a Phone Number through a Computer Using FoneTracker App

Why need FoneTracker for Hacking a Phone Number from Computer

It’s a type of Smartphone monitoring software. What you need to do is just download FoneTracker on the device that you want to hack. Once you download this app on the device you can get access to all the information of the device. This is one of the best apps that have the following features

  • Read instant messages

Through this app you can get access to all the messages of WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype etc. the entire message that is sent or received on the targeted phone will be visible to you

Through this app, you can listen to the conversation going on the targeted phone. The targeted phone records the conversation and creates a hidden sound file. FoneTracker then sends this recording to the web account from where you can listen to the recording at any time. You can also specify the phone numbers of the targeted person conversation you want to be tracked.

This apps also give you access to the internet usage and search history of the targeted device. The media files like video audio and pictures that are stored in the targeted phone can also be tracked.

How to work with FoneTracker

In order to use you this app, you need to download this app on the phone that you want to spy. The installation process is very easy and takes a few minutes. You will encounter an installation wizard that will get you through the whole installation process.
Once you have installed the app what hat you need to do is set up an online dashboard through you can keep eyes on every minute action on your targeted phone. The app is available on its website from where you can purchase this app. there are many subscription packages; you can choose a package that is suitable for you. Once you complete all these stuff you can start spying on the targeted device
Apart from FoneTracker, there are other methods of hacking Phones too some of them are shown below

  1. Through cloud storage

Cloud storage is another way through you can hack the targeted phone through a computer. But the drawback of this technique is that it will work on if the targeted device is synced with the cloud storage. You can access the private information of the targeted device that is stored in the Google drive or iCloud storage.

  1. Through Network provider

Today there are lots of networking companies that provide various online services to their customers. These network providers also provide online dashboard services. Through these online services, you can easily get access to the crucial information about the targeted phone number. What you need to do is just log in to this online service in order to hack the phone number that you want through your computer.


FoneTracker app is ideal for spying because this app is undetectable, the user of the targeted phone will never get to know that someone is keeping eye on every minute operation that is performed on the phone. This app gives a free demo for 48 hours in which you can access all these amazing applications and keep a sharp eye on your target.


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