Best iPhone Spy App No Jailbreak
Best iPhone Spy App No Jailbreak
Review: Best iPhone Spy App No Jailbreak
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Get The Best iPhone Spy App No Jailbreak Needed

Monitoring the activities of the loved one has become very much essential nowadays. But the process of monitoring will be little bit difficult if you want to monitor iOS. This device is really one of the safest devices as compared to other operating systems. It does not allow one in installing the spying app and in order to do so, one has to undergo jailbreaking.

Get The Best iPhone Spy App No Jailbreak Needed
Get The Best iPhone Spy App No Jailbreak Needed

But this jailbreaking might put your iPhone at a greater risk. If your phone isn’t a jailbroken and wants the iPhone application with no jailbreaking, read out the post carefully. Here in the article, you will see how it is possible to spy iOS without jailbreaking.

Part A: FoneTracker- the best iPhone spy tool- no need of jailbreaking

Part A: FoneTracker- the best iPhone spy tool- no need of jailbreaking
Part A: FoneTracker- the best iPhone spy tool- no need of jailbreaking

It is true that always parenting is not an easy task when comes to the children safety. Nowadays the people are using parental control app for monitoring the activities of children. Mostly the parental control app needs jailbroken iOS to run. If you are in search for such apps, without the need for jailbreaking, you can obviously try FoneTracker app. This tool is internet based tracking tool with many good features. Here when comes to use the tracking tool no jailbreaking is needed. There are some good features available that is making this tool raking on top for device monitoring. The best thing about it is that no jailbreak permission is needed to run.

The tracking tool is having the ability of spying on iPhone with no jailbreaking. A hacker only has to create a user account and use all the available features. It is very much easier for one to spy on the device without any issues. Some of the features of the app are accessing multimedia files, locations, call logs, messages, notes etc. This app isn’t only available for iOS but is also available for an Android device to take many benefits. A user can go for a free trial version for test and can avail if liked. It is available at reasonable rates as compared to the others.

Why it is highly recommended?

  • View all calls history It is not at all difficult tasks for one to access all the call logs. One can click to call logs and the full list will be displayed with all details of callings.
  • View movie clip and images If you want to see the available movie clips and all photos in the device of the targeted person. Using FoneTracker app is one of the best solutions available for you. It allows one in easily accessing all the videos and photos.
  • Access the WhatsApp easilyFor a hacker, it is very much easier to have full control over WhatsApp with the FoneTracker app. It allows one in accessing WhatsApp chat, media files, status, and profile with this tracking tool. No matters whether you are there at contact list of the suspect; you will easily come to know all about WhatsApp activities.
  • Tracking live location One can track the live location through remotely of the suspect device. It is working silently in the device background and is working as per one’s direction.

Part B: How can you spy without jailbreaking on iOS

Part B: How can you spy without jailbreaking on iOS
Part B: How can you spy without jailbreaking on iOS

Creating a user account-
At first, you have to create the user account by visiting to the home site of the app on the internet. Just hit on the option “TRY IT NOW” and then go to SIGN UP page. Now a create account form will appear with the text field and you need to fill in Email ID and password and then hit on “SIGN UP”.
Set up Wizard-
A setup wizard will get appear and a user needs to fill in name targeted user credentials like name, age, and OS that is used by him or her. After filling those you need to tap on “NEXT” option.
Completing setup-
In this step, you need to fill the ID and password of iCloud and tap on “VERIFY” option to begin.

Spying on the iOS device with no need to jailbreak-

Just switch to the web client and fill in all login details. You will full access to various things like videos, photos, call logs, memos etc. If in case you want to see the messages of the targeted device, you can tap of the message and will get all sent and received messages along with all details.

Benefits of using it

  • 100% untraceable
  • Keylogger feature is available
  • Compatible
  • Easy to afford
  • get SIM change notification


A user seeking to use the app can get it from its official website ( and install it to the targeted person device and begin monitoring.


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