Best 5 Call Tracker Apps for Android and iPhone

Best 5 Call Tracker Apps for Android and iPhone
Best 5 Call Tracker Apps for Android and iPhone

List of Best 5 Call Tracker Apps for Android and iPhone

Dozens of call tracker apps are in the market and all will leave you confused whether to use or not. Unfortunately, 90% of them are worthless. Therefore, we have compiled a list of 5 top apps that are tested for Android and iPhone. You might have started monitoring your kid’s phone but as they grow it turns into serious act of spying. So, you need an app that is as serious as you and works even after being at the background. Moreover, let you sneak into their private chats, informs about their position, social media life and more.

List of Best 5 Call Tracker Apps for Android and iPhone
List of Best 5 Call Tracker Apps for Android and iPhone

No matter whether your app can do all the above things or not, most importantly it should, but two factors are very essential. Reliability and tech support are those two crucial features of any spy app that ensures the app’s worthiness.

We are here to make your decision easy and quick. Therefore, we have highlighted the must have features of app.

Top 5 call tracker apps

#1 FoneTracker

The remarkable app of 2019 is FoneTracker. It has dedicated support team that ensures quick response so that you never get stuck while spying. Also, the app is tested to work on the two common platforms that are Android and iPhone. Check for complete information. It has impressive features which work secretly on the device. Call tracking with this app is worthy doing as users get high quality recording of target’s call.

Moreover, the last call number, contact list, call duration, and more is visible on user’s control panel as soon as the app starts working. What’s more worthy to know is that it is undetectable. So, users can freely perform the spying operation without worrying about safety.

Nearly all the features will leave you surprised. One of them is ambient voice recording. It lets you trap the surrounding voice which is not available in most of the applications. All major messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook and other gets hacked easily. Blocking features of FoneTracker is great for those who want their target not to involve in watching adult activities.

#2 SpyZee

Second in reliability and tech support terms, SpyZee is our second choice and soon it’s going to be yours.  Installing is quick and requirements for using it are less. Moreover, less tech savvy users can smoothly use call tracker. Unusual features live streaming of camera and microphone all the time and ability to clearly hear everything about conversation makes it the second best app. It has a GPS feature that will show the exact location of target 24 hours. The dashboard is the most interactive and cleanest place where you can enjoy working of features.

However, only problem is that it doesn’t support iPhone. But price is good, easy installation, undetected ability and good feature set makes it perfect call tracker. Surprisingly, both versions that are non-jailbreaking and jailbreaking are offered. For instance, jailbreaking is necessary for Facebook, Instagram and other social media monitoring.

#3 SpyMug

This is an iPhone compatible application having powerful features. You are guaranteed that these features are not available in other apps. The app is in the market since 2005 and it is known for advanced capabilities and monitoring. It is master in tracking live calls, all data of the phone, ambient listening mode, easy to use and thus considered best. However, installation requires jailbreak and the app is costly.

Android users with version 4.0.4-8.1 and all iPhone users with versions up to 9.1 can use this app. No need to worry about assistance as it has solid technical support. It will assist you in case you face maintenance problem, installation and jailbreaking issue.

#4 XySpy

Easy interface, user-friendly set up and excellent features make the XySpy wonderful call tracker app. On its online dashboard you can review the target data. However, rooting is essential to enjoy the full service of app. Many users face issues while rooting that makes the process complicated. Those who are comfortable with the process can install the XySpy.

Good news is that it offers a trial period of three days to the user. Within these days you can test the capabilities of app and check its performance. Also, it has powerful keylogger that records keystroke. Now you will get the passwords of different accounts on social media of target. Screenshot capturing is again a wonderful feature that let you take screenshots without making any noise. Take shots of video chats, texts, apps, websites visited and more with one single click.

#5 TheTruthSpy

A feature rich call tracker TheTruthSpy is whole bunch of feature that can access even the toughest information from the target. Setting up the app is quite easy and monitoring through it is even more comfortable and fast. User-friendly, that means no need to worrying about working. Full of features like real time location tracking, messages, browser history, photos and notes etc. provide with basic and advanced details about call and other activities of the target.

Quick access to device, dedicated dashboard, instant location update, easy monitoring, full compatibility and complete personal assistance makes it best.


So these were the top ranked call trackers which you can buy. If looking for an app that is compatible for both iPhone and android then chooses FoneTracker. This wonderful app makes you a complete spy with latest software assistance. Download it anytime on the target device using the link Trial is free so check how it works and understand your need. If it is okay as per you expectation then we recommends you to get the app. No need to take tension about your kid’s changed behavior or bad call habits. Take their device, install app and keep a control over them.

Use any features you wish and monitors easily with the dedicated control panel. You will feel buying FoneTracker a worthy decision and will not regret later. App need to be hiding so make necessary settings as target will get to know if hiding of app is not performed. So, do the setting and enjoy spying.



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