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Know how Android tracking is done using FoneTracker

Is your kid having an android phone? If you answered yes, then you might have noticed that they keep themselves constantly busy on their phone, chatting with someone on WhatsApp, talking to another person on call for hours. This is how the present generation is living without worrying about their career and lifelong future. Being a parent it always worries you how you can make your kids learn and understand the limited use of smartphones. But, as the technology is growing there are different things getting invented day by day through which parents can keep an eye on their kids and stop them from getting into wrong activities.

Know how Android tracking is done using FoneTracker
Know how Android tracking is done using FoneTracker

So, are you also searching for any such thing that can help you keep a track on your kid’s Android devices? If yes, then do read this article till the end and know how you can track your kid’s Android phone without them knowing.

A smart Android tracking app – FoneTracker

A smart Android tracking app - FoneTracker
A smart Android tracking app – FoneTracker

As I have mentioned earlier that there are several things invented that are helping parents to track their kid’s activity. So, here also I am going to tell you about the most preferred and widely used application that is also a monitoring and tracking app which help parents to easily track their kid’s phone without them knowing. FoneTracker is basically a tracking tool that helps parents, spouses and even employers to track the device of anyone.

The application is fully capable of tracking the exact location, phone calls, messages and more. Using this application is quite easy and simple. There are only a few steps that you have to follow to get this application working. However, the best thing about this application is that it is completely undetectable and offers its users with a lot of amazing features that can help you with your android tracking journey.

Way to use this app

To use this application in a perfect way, you have to follow the below mentioned steps, but before that, you have to access the target’s device so that you can easily download the app on their device. Once you access his or her device, you can open the browser and visit the official website of this app.

After reaching the official website, you have to click the download option which might take a few minutes to complete the downloading process. While downloading the application on the target device you have to make a few essential setting that allows the unknown sources option so that you can download the APK file of this application. After downloading the app, start the installation process.

Once the application is downloaded and installed, you can create a new account using an email id and password. It is a simple and easy process, now log in with the created account on your phone and get access to the control panel available online. After access the online control panel you will be able to view all the activities and track each and everything that is available on the target’s device.

Now moving on to the features of this app, the application offers a wide variety of features which allow users to easily track every android activity performed by the device user.

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Features of FoneTracker

  • GPS tracking– with the help of this feature you can immediately track the real-time location of your kid, spouse, and employee. This will help you know the location of the device and watch the whereabouts of the suspect’s device.
  • Message tracker– if you want to monitor the messages, SMS of target device then it would be best if you use this application. This will allow you to read all the text messages that are sent and received by the target person on his or her phone. In addition to this, you can get additional information like date and time stamp as well as a contact number.
  • Call tracker– if your kid is getting fake calls on his or her phone or you have a doubt that your kid is talking to a stranger then you can track their call logs whether it’s incoming, deleted, outgoing or missed calls. The complete call details with accurate date, call duration, time will be available to you.

There are many more features you can enjoy with this android tracking application. It is completely free and allows users to spy on IM chats of applications like Facebook, WhatsApp and more. So, without a doubt, you can install this application on the target device and start tracking his or her activities and prevent them from getting into wrong hands.