8 Ways to Hack Facebook Account Online

8 Ways to Hack Facebook Account Online
8 Ways to Hack Facebook Account Online

Effective 8 Ways to Hack Facebook Account Online

We all know that Facebook is one of the most integral parts of our lives.  It is one of the best ways to get connected with anyone globally. Usually, the people are using it for sharing many things with other people. The Facebook user base is increasing faster at the faster pace. With the latest technology and innovations, the people are using the social media network for several purposes from personal to professional use.

Effective 8 Ways to Hack Facebook Account Online
Effective 8 Ways to Hack Facebook Account Online

Today hacking Facebook account of any user is convenient than ever before it had. On the web, numbers of the best tool for spying is available that is the major reason behind easy to hack. A hacker willing to hack can step ahead to hack the Facebook account now via online. Here we have listed the top 8 techniques for online Facebook hacking that is simple and easy to use.

Way 1: Facebook Hacking using the FoneTracker app

Way 1: Facebook Hacking using the FoneTracker app
Way 1: Facebook Hacking using the FoneTracker app

Hacking the account of Facebook is not easier task for an individual without knowledge of computer. If you are the one willing to hack but don’t know to do so then you need to try FoneTracker app. This tool is basically an internet-based tracking tool that is used for tracking activities performed on suspected person device.  It is created for the device that is running on various platforms like iPhone or Android. There are few good features of this app that will help you in saving money from wasting precious time on silly monitoring tools.  Accessing social media sites like Facebook, WhatsApp etc is much easier with this app.

Also, the innovative feature of Keylogger is available that is making it much better as compared to the other tools. This feature can be used for hacking any account password. A hacker can avail the services from its official site at reasonable rates.

Why to use it

  1. Easy access at call logs FoneTracker app apart from hacking Facebook can be used for accessing call history of the suspect device. It is allowing one in seeing incoming/outgoing/missed calling on the targeted device.
  2. Remotely capturing screenshots- A hacker can take the screenshot of the device via remotely. It’s the really greater part of capturing the screen image, just hit on capture screenshot for capturing it.
  3. Accessibility to social apps- If you think that your children might be involved in any illegal activity or is chatting with the wrong intention person, this app is there to help you. Just get engaged with the app and get full access to social media apps.
  4. Record inputs of the keyboard The keylogger feature is created for what the suspected person is typing. This feature is recording all the special characters, characters and numeric digits that are made by the targeted person.
  5. Viewing videos and photos There a support is available for viewing all the movie clip and images that on it is placed. One need not have to worry about the file format. The app is supporting every popular file type that is videos and photos.
  6. 100% untraceable One can view the activities done on Facebook account using the app and suspect will not be able to detect of being hacked.
  7. View multimedia files- A hacker can view all multimedia file that is available in the device of a suspected person like videos, photos, screenshot, GIF etc.
  8. Address book spying- A person spying can check the contact available to the phone book and keep track of every event that is marked at phone calendar.

Steps to do Facebook hack

  • Signing up- Open the web browser on your device and type https://fonetracker.com and do the search. The home page of the app will appear, click on the Sign-Up button. You to account page will be redirected. Here you need to enter Email ID and password by agreeing to terms and conditions. Just hit on Sign Up button after filling details.
  • Set up on the device- To hack on the android device, you need to download the app on the suspect device. Go to setting to security to enabling unknown sources. Now you need to install the app. After completing it open app and fill details followed by tap on beginning monitoring button. To hack on iOS you need to verify ID with the app and fill in icloud ID and password and hit on verify option.
  • Begin hacking- Once done with above-listed steps, switch to the web client and open app account. Hit on keylogger for hacking Facebook account via online.

Download FoneTracker for hacking Facebook online at: https://fonetracker.com/install-free-phone-tracker/

Way 2: Hack Facebook using “RESET THE PASSWORD

Way 2: Hack Facebook using "RESET THE PASSWORD"
Way 2: Hack Facebook using “RESET THE PASSWORD”

Get to Facebook and hit on the forgotten account and fill email ID, contact number and username. After filling account details hit on the search to find the account. You will be asked that how will you be resetting the password. Select the right option and if are not having access to those options, hit on no longer access. If you had access then you have to hit on continue button. Answer questions asked by Facebook and answer appropriately and change the password after you redirected to the change password page.

Way 3: Hack Facebook through Facebook password extractor

Way 3: Hack Facebook through Facebook password extractor
Way 3: Hack Facebook through Facebook password extractor

It’s a tool designed for hacking Facebook password. It reveals password stored in the web browser. The tool is simple to use. Just get involved with it without involving physically to the suspected device. No matter whether having good computer knowledge, the method is good. Just download the tool and double click on setup icon for installation. Once done with it, open tool and you will find account details that are saved in the web browser.

Download at: https://ccm.net/download/download-17174-facebook-password-extractor

Way 4: Facebook Hacking through Phishing

It is the best way of hacking Facebook. It isn’t easier but is common for hacking. It’s a technique for fooling targeted person by showing various sites with the same layouts. Mostly the people aren’t paying attention to URL address and it makes them vulnerable to the phishing attacks. You need to develop web page same as the Facebook login page. Buy a domain name that seems like Facebook URL. One built properly all these, send URL address of clone site that is created through text message or email. The login details will be redirected to the hacker.

Way 5: Facebook Hacking using TheTruthSpy

TheTruthSpy is another tool for hacking Facebook and is easy to use. It with the advanced algorithm is coded thus making it simpler in the user interface. It is internet-based hacking tool with good features that is making it good than others. You have to open the internet and enter the URL address of it and search.  The official site will appear you have to hit on hack Facebook account. You will be taken to the next page. Enter the username of the user that you want to hack. If you do not know that open the profile and copy the name and paste on the text field and hit on hacking Facebook account.

Way 6: Facebook Hacking using Forget password technique

Open the Facebook by entering URL address to the search bar. Now hit at forgot your passwords. It will take you to the next page and you will be asked to email, username, and phone number for finding the account on the search button. Resets the Facebook password page will get appear and choose the option that you want to choose for resetting the password and hit on continue option. At your email or mobile number, security codes will be sent for the confirmation. After confirming code, you will be shown to choose the new password page. You will be asked to log out from the device, tap on stay logged in for hacking Facebook password online.

Way 7: Facebook Hacking using browser extension

It is very much easier for one to hack Facebook account online through a browser extension. Just get fully involved with the hacking tool. However, you will not be getting full access to the Facebook account of the targeted but can access indirectly. The extension is a smaller program that works with the help of a web browser. It is used for performing a specific task that isn’t possible with the browser. On the web, there are many tools available like browser extensions that allow one in hacking Facebook easily.

Once visited a malicious link, it will install the extension. After that, an attacker will get access to a Facebook account. It will easier for a hacker to share the posts and follow the people and do many activities.

Way 8: Hack Facebook using Sam hacker

Sam Hacker is a hacking tool that is usually used for the purpose of hacking Facebook account of a user online with just a single click. This tool is fully free with some innovative and useful features that are making hackling much easier and convenient. There is no need for any special skills over the computer for using the tool.  Anyone can make use of this tool without facing any troubles.

The registered email ID is needed for using the tool. You have to now visit the official site. Once done with it, enter the email address of the user account that you want to hack. Hit on the hack to begin generating a process of the password. The entire process will be complete within a minute.


These popular techniques can be used for hacking the Facebook account of the user. If you are willing to do it faster and in a simple way, just use FoneTracker App.



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