7 Ways to Track A Cell Phone Location for Free
7 Ways to Track A Cell Phone Location for Free

7 Ways for tracking A Cell Phone and other Android phones Location for Free

Cell phones are now becoming the necessity of the human lives; people can’t even imagine their lives without their phone. You can even say that humans now totally depend on these cell phones and its uses or you can say addiction of it also heading it’s towards the crest. No doubt in that it is an essential thing but it has some the drawbacks with which people are aware of but still, they are making the mistake of using it in excess. This is actually not good for the children, as they are the one who wastes their half of time in just surfing the internet platform.

7 Ways for tracking A Cell Phone and other Android phones Location for Free
7 Ways for tracking A Cell Phone and other Android phones Location for Free

Many of us also use to keep the documents on our phone so that whenever we find need of it at that period we can make use of it well and effective way. But this comfort features now causing huge problems.

Let’s see what problem can cause if you lost your phone!

You can never dream of losing your phone, it is one of the horrible nightmares that no one wants to see again. Losing a phone is not means of losing a physical thing with that all personal data and information regarding a person get into the wrong hand. As you now people office account and bank account linked through their phone number, think what will happen when your phone gets lost.  You will lose all your details regarding your phone and other personal information. With that, you will also lose your security points that save your bank account and other details.

In this case, many think that no one can operate their phone because of setting patterns and all locks. Here you need to know the pattern or phone locks can be hacked through the hackers. To avoid these things what all you can do is to provide data backup to your phone data or the next things you can make use of the way through which you can track out your cell phone location its case if it gets lost. With the help of tracking the location of the phone, you can get you lost phone back.

The reason for tracking the location of the cell phone

Finding a lost phone is not only the reason behind the tracking the phone location there are many more reasons that become the reasons behind the tracking the location of the cell phone. in this world, there are many people who make use of the technology for doing positive things but with that, there are many more who make misuse of it and creates trouble in someone else’s life. They make use of the smartphone to deceive the people, with that they also use to hide essential details of the person who is connected to it.

The reason for tracking the location of the cell phone
The reason for tracking the location of the cell phone

Besides this, many people make use of this cell location tracking ways to find out their cheating spouses and some for checking out whether their children are saying truth or just providing you all fall information.

Right now, when you look at the online platform there you will find so many platforms where this track location of the cell phone feature is available. By using them anyone can trace out their loved one location.  In this way, you will not able to find your lost phone but with that, you can also get to know the location where your partner or child is there at present.

Here are 7 Ways to Track A Cell Phone Location for Free

Here in this piece of writing, you will find many different types of ways through which you can easily hack the location of your phone if it’s lost or if you want to get to know the location of the victim:

Way 1: Track a cell phone location by using the FoneTracker app

FoneTracker is known to be the most effective app which is designed well with the use of effective tools. This application has the features through which it can easily trace out the location of the iPhone and Android etc. This app also provide itself that it is one of the best app having all best effective features and even has simple and effective working procedure that helps in tracking out the working well of the app. This app a user friendly working that ensure that anyone can make use of this app.

Why you need this FoneTracker app for tracking

  • The very first reason is that it can use in many of the Android devices, and for doing so you don’t need any iCloud, Samsung and Google account. Without using any of its accounts you can retrieve location and data from the victim phone.
  • Through this app, you cannot only locate your own phone but with that others phone too.
  • The best thing about this app is that no one can track you back if you are using this app; it is completely safe and untraceable. As you know in the market there are many apps available for tracking out the location but FoneTracker is the only one that goes with the offer of no root solution.
  • In this way, you can track out the complete movement of the employees or children. With that, it can also serve you with numerous of functions that you had never thought.

What information will you get after installing this app

  • It shows the list of places on which the victim phone has been with the location details too.
  • You will receive the detail of the location with the longitude and latitude.
  • You will receive date and time stamps through which you get to know that when the victim at that location was.
  • On the FoneTracker application control panel, all the location history get uploaded so that you can check out it whenever you are free after having the proper internet connection.

Download FoneTracker for tracking location at: https://fonetracker.com/install-free-phone-tracker/

Way 2: Track iPhone by using the Find My iPhone

Talking about the most excruciating situation then it is the fear of losing the iPhone because it is one of the most exclusive phones no other smartphone can compete with the Apple devices. But in case you have lost your iPhone and wondering here and there for getting back your phone then here you can make use of the next best option that is find my iPhone. It’s an application through it you can locate the stolen and lost Apple device by using any of the other devices.

What did this app do

It can trace out the missing iPhone by pointing it on the map. for 2 minutes it siren the sound of the phone in the full volume so that anyone who is close to the phone can identify it and return it back to its owner. It can also even put your phone in the lock pass code. Besides this, if a user thinks that its phone gets stolen then, in that case, you can delete all data from your iPhone.

Way 3: Track on iPhone location by using the Find My Friends

It is also location tracking application which is actually designed by the Apple Inc. its main point behind creation is to find out the love location which is of your friend device. It’s an application which is designed only for the iOS devices and for tracking the location it makes use of the GPS tracking system which is there on the target device. For the use, you can download this app into your phone for free of cost from the Apple App Store.

How to use this app

  • The very first is to download this app on the victim iPhone.
  • After that open, there this app and click on the “me” option which is there on the top of the screen.
  • The next step that you have to do is to enable the option of “Share My Location” when you click on this tracking option get to activate.
  • After that on the victim phone, users have to click on the add option. And at last click on the share indefinitely through which you can share the location in which no time restriction is there.
  • On the iPhone click on the confirmation popup and accept it.
  • Now hide this app on the victim phone.

Way 4: Track an iPhone user location by using the iCloud.com

In case you don’t have any other iOS-based devices with you then not to worry because you can make use of the iPhone location by using the iCloud. This is somehow just like the Find My iPhone. With that, you have to do the same process that you use to do with find my iPhone application.

Step to use it

  • On the official site of the app enter the id and password to do the tracking.
  • Tab on the option that is Find My iPhone.
  • You will get the long interactive map on your phone.
  • Devices option present on it clicks on it.
  • Make a selection of the device that you have lost.

There you will receive the map on which you will get the correct location of the device.

Way 5: Track the Samsung phone location

Here the process is simple and easy as you go through the iPhone. Not only that its features and procedure all are as similar as the above-mentioned ways of location tracking.  In the set of Samsung, you will find an inbuilt option that that is Find My Mobile. Its way of the working is same as the above-mentioned steps of the iPhone. You can use this tracking feature with the Samsung account easily with any of the devices.

Its features are

  • Phone GPS tracking
  • Send a siren signal as alert
  • Remotely locate the device
  • Wipe for the clean device

Way 6: Track Android phone location

If a user is having a Google account then that case it is simple to track any of the android phone locations by using the android device manager. It’s a tool which comes in-built with the Google Android devices.  Here you have to activate the toggle switch on.  You can go to the play store here for downloading the location tracker app. By using it you can locate the location of the phone for free.

Lets what all it can do

  • It uses to lock the fan.
  • With the help of the logged Google account if can track the location of the device.
  • Erase the screen pin based lock.
  • It even erases the data of the phone.
  • It also set on the alarm of the phone.

Way 7: Tracking apps for an android location for free

Last but not the least is the family locator tracking app through which you can track the location of the device. It is mainly designed for the Android devices.  This actually proves beneficial who wants to track the activities of their children. It is easy and simple. For using this app you don’t need to gain huge computer skills on the application you only have to follow some simple steps. Its working is same as you see of other different types of applications. It can also locate the location faster without wasting much time in the long and lengthy process.

It is designed for all iOS and Android operating system.  If you want to make use of it then visit at the Google play store and download from there for free no charge there.


Here you can create a group that helps in proper communication and location tracking.  On this platform you can create a group of friends, family and teammates etc. through this app you can know the last and current location of the phone. Talking about the main reason for its popularity, it is completely free no hidden charges are there.



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